Agent provacateurs bombed U.S. embassies!

22 August 1998
The same people who had nothing to do with BCCI, 
nothing to do with Drug Smuggling, and nothing 
to do with Iran Contra, say that the bombing of 
U.S. embassies was done by a group with bases in 
these countries.  Do you believe them?  I don't!

The atrocities detailed over 200 years that have 
been committed by the Global Conspiracy have 
resulted in the resistance coming from Islamic 
people who are struggling for their survival in the 
wake of the genocidal conspiracies against them 
by the global cartel or conspiracy that has 
committed numerous crimes against humanity.  
These people are not anti-U.S. per se, but the 
more the U.S. becomes a pawn for the heinous 
crimes committed by the Shadow Government, the 
criminal conspiracy that killed JFK, the Zionist 
Conspiracy, the Bilderbergers, the Money Powers, 
the International Bankers, The New World Order, 
(call them what you will), the more that concept 
becomes a self fulfilling reality.

So, like as in Waco, where Koresh and a 
community of men women and children were 
summarily incinerated to protect another covert 
mind control test arena, the Big Lie continues.

The Global Conspiracy had other objectives.  
They timed their act of bombing the U.S. 
embassies just before the culmination of the 
Monica Lewinsky affair.  Thus, on the day the 
president confessed, they were prepared with false 
and deceptive intelligence reports to blame 
freedom fighters resisting the global conspiracy.

The news is already belching the baloney that 
there is a relationship between those who bombed 
the embassies and those who were bombed by us 
in retaliation.  If you believe that, no doubt you 
can accept that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone 
gunman that killed JFK and the Warren 
Commission didn't LIE (the word of the day)!

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