Food for Thought!

Well, the greedy 2/3 of California have had their day.  The elections 
yesterday proved that self proclaimed Christians got their wish to 
create heartache and stress for those who do not believe as they 
do.  Without sane reason, the proposition prohibiting gay marriages 
passed.  The heterosexual deviants who voted for it claim they are 
doing so in the name of their religion that tells them to love 
their neighbors.  So, to show their love, they have caused gays 
to face another obstacle in obtaining equal rights under the law.
The proponents say that this will somehow send a message.  Yes, it 
sends the message that these so-called Christians are hateful 
people who enjoy hurting others.  These so-called Christians gain 
nothing by this, but they take away the freedom of others who may 
not choose to live a Christian lifestyle.  As Jesus teaches that 
God put us here with the freedom to choose so we could become more 
godlike ourselves, these emmisaries of the anti-Christ have taken 
away some of that freedom today.

These same Christians who profiteer using housing as an investment 
driving up the cost, while forcing more and more people into 
homelessness also passed a proposition to treat children as adults 
in court.  Jesus said something about people who abuse children but 
I guess they can't remember anything that doesn't fill their 
pocketbook and their regurgitated mental trash.

The passage of these two propositions is clearly evil.  Those who 
voted for these propositions are evil people.  That they think 
their ridiculous reasoning convinces anyone but other evil greedy 
people is absurd.

Ever wonder why major events in U.S. History like the "Iran-Contra" 
affair faded from the press, and the "BCCI Scandal" also hardly got
the press it deserved, while President Clinton's alleged sex with
a woman got repeated broadcasting on several networks throughout
the day and night for a much longer period of time than either of
these events?  Do you think this reflects the 'experts point of 
view" on issues of national importance?  Learn more...
Right to Know!

The television media is blurting "the public's right to know" and 
"the President lied" hypnotically a million times over to the public 
mind control everyone, while in fact the television media has 
obstructed the public's right to know while they incessantly and 
habitually lie.  For more see...
Conspiracy Nation!

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