Color of law used in crime

When several minor girls had mace 
directly applied to their eyes  in 
Humboldt Country for protesting the 
destruction of Old Growth Forests, this 
was not the activity of our system: with 
police,  juries and courts.  This was the 
action of renegade law  enforcement 
using terrorism on minors to discourage 
freedom of  speech, acting as judge, 
jury and executioner.  These activities  
lend credence to the stories of big 
lumber interests cheating  the public 
and acting with disrespect for people or 
the planet. Criminals using agents as 
their puppets in government to  enable 
their criminal activities and add the color 
of law to heinous criminal acts. 

Of course, to prevent such crime, 
California has an Attorney  General.  
His name is Dan Lungren.  Dan said 
there was no  crime committed.  Anyone 
else would be a criminal accomplice.  
Everyone who voted for this man is 
guilty for the terrorism used to injure 
these young girls and to violate the  
Constitution of the United States.  The 
fact that these crimes  were committed 
against minors makes them more, not 
less serious. 

Did Dan Lungren win the election by 
voter fraud, or have  Californians really 
become so stupid and blind that they  
will support terrorism, abuse of children, 
subversion of the  Constitution and 
corollary crimes by voting for this 
criminal with his own agenda to 
represent a minority equated with 
racism, war for profit, bullying in 
general, and environmental abuses. 

DO NOT USE absentee ballots.  Last
I heard most election fraud uses
absentee ballots.  Furthermore, 
although tens of thousands of 
reported voter fraud exist, agencies
to respond to these allegations 
claim that they only have the staff
to deal with a couple hundred, and
then just minimally.  Why do you 
think this is?

While Dan Lungren brags about the 
amount of crime he has stopped, he
neglects to tell you that the laws
are enforced more selectively than
ever; that most victims are either
afraid or convinced it is useless
to go to the police; that police 
systematically choose which laws 
they want to enfoce, and that white
collar and corporate crimes are 
reaching new heights, while corrupt
legislation makes it a crime to be
poor!  Cops are more likely to 
engage in their own vigilante 
agenda's than ever, and rascist
citizenry is mobilized to perpetrate
their vigilantism with the color of
law.  Lawyers laugh at me and tell 
me we have no civil rights, and 
Lungren promises more of the same!

What goes around comes around.  I 
hope Californians wake up and stop 
these criminals before we all suffer 
under tyranny and  terrorism! 

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