All that is gold does not glitter!

(or the truth isn't always pretty).

You have heard it said: "all truth is 
relative" and  "what is truth", but when 
you're mugged in a alley  or a bomb is 
dropped on your home, you quickly 
wake  up from such absurd and 
irreverent views of life.  Much of the 
attack against truth is perpetrated with  
the psychological maxim that it is better 
to think  positive than to think negative.

There is some truth to this.  I have 
heard it said you create your own 
reality, and to some degree this  is true.  
A starving child in India did not create 
his reality, and villagers bombed to 
oblivion by  someone wanting their 
resources did not create their reality: 
many conditions are caused by others or 
by nature and the victims are without 
choice or power to undo what has been 
done.  Each of us however will come 
upon forks in our path where we do 
make choices that affect us and others.

As I have referred already to Tolkien's 
Lord of the  Rings for its analogous 
facsimile of our time, I shall continue 
with this analogy to elaborate on this
discussion regarding where one draws
the lines between psychological well
being, and responsibility!

Denethor, the Steward acting on behalf 
of the missing King of the human race, 
was shown in his crystal  ball the 
armies of Sauron (the evil one) in great  
numbers.  This part truth was ALL he 
saw, so, given to depression and 
hopelessness, he burned himself alive 
in a funeral pyre and tried to burn his 
son with  him, to escape the doom that 
he was certain approached, although in 
fact it was averted in the end.

He was given half-truths.  Not knowing 
of the potential for hope and victory, he 
gave up.

So my "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer 
beware) to you  my dear reader is not to 
let my portrayal of darkness in our 
civilized world lead you to believe that 
we are  beyond hope.  To the contrary, 
we have truth on our side, and truth 
and justice will prevail; for systems that 
rely on anything else eventually come to 
a point where all but the purveyors of 
evil rule, and they then must face the 
conditions created when truth and 
justice do not exist, falling subject to 
the evils of their own system.

Small changes, such as teaching young 
people to discern  techniques of 
deception and propaganda could easily  
revolutionize the consciousness of 
humanity.  Indeed, I do not advocate a 
violent struggle (although I support  the 
right to self-defense).  I see justice
and hope prevailing by the elevation
of human social consciousness to a point
where we cannot be swayed by demagogues,
corporate cons, media cons and other

I hope to teach the world to recognize 
subterfuge and by so doing, to diffuse it.

So join me in hope and self respect;
self esteem; and the satisfaction of 
knowing in your respect for others you
respect yourself and achieve both on a
personal and a social level.

The rate of change continues to accelerate 
and we haven't a moment to lose.  Do not 
despair, but get busy.  There is much to 
do and our freedom, our dignity, our 
lives and our children all depend on
making the right choice!

Step sure and impeccably into the future!

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