This is a message to President Clinton:

You must protect the Constitution of the United States.  That is 
your sworn oath.

Gun Control is an attempt to usurp the Constitution and must not 
be allowed.  People need to go to jail for committing crimes against 
other people, not for protecting themselves or not satisfying 
bureaucratic agenda's.

The Food and Drug Administration is experimenting on the population 
with pesticides and genetically engineered foods.  I believe they 
should be allowed to continue their evil actions destroying peoples 
lives, but with disclosure.  Require labeling for such experimentation 
being conducted on people.  Don't continue to allow the government 
to experiment on people like was done with the phony "Swine Flu Vaccine" 
that was not what it claimed to be, but simply a pretense by large 
corporations to use the American public as an unwitting guinea pig.

That massive number of murders of people in and about this administration 
must be fully investigated.  The murder of those at Waco must be fully 
investigated and those responsible held accountable.

The proliferation of laws to victimize people unjustly (or to serve 
corporate greed) must be halted.  Criminalizing people for their 
lifestyle choices must stop.  

Corporations modus operandi of promoting those who lie and cheat, while 
ruining the lives of honest, ethical people must be investigated.  The 
time has come to recognize that corporations have run amuck in the 
world and their crimes from the murder of Karen Silkwood to human 
resources departmental procedures for circumventing liability while 
persecuting individuals for their creed must stop.  The manipulation 
of scientists and professionals to report conclusions skewed to the 
interests of their employers must be CRIMINALIZED severely for all 

Lawyers must stop taking office, as they are members of the Judicial 
system already and this is a conflict of interest.

Nafta and other treaties which undermine our national security, protection 
of our resources and environment, or protection of our health must be 
rescinded or corrected immediately.

Efforts of the oligarchy to skew medicine to prevent health and 
longevity must be exposed.

This is just the beginning.      Eoroneth


United States

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