Hypothesis Regarding recent shootings 
in Arkansas


The recent shootings in Arkansas have 
been deliberately timed to achieve 
specific goals.  The children were 
probably controlled by use of microwave 
transmissions that induce “voices”.

The children were used as Manchurian 
Candidates, individuals programmed to 
carry out covert agenda's without their 
knowledge of why they are doing what 
they are doing.  I surmise these killings 
were orchestrated to achieve specific 
objectives which are:

1)  Use Clinton's home state to send 
a message to the President and the nation 
that the global power cartel will stop 
at nothing to undermine the bill of 
rights and the right to bear arms.

2)  Divert media attention from the 
present World News regarding  the 
foiling of diplomatic efforts to permit 
human rights for  Palestinians equal to 
those of others in the Global Community 
(these  events are being blacked out of 
the news in the U.S.)

3)  Assassinate individuals who might 
have knowledge of the  conspirators, or 
whose assassinations will assist the 
conspirators  in achieving their 

Body of Hypothesis

Mae Brussel, prior to being murdered 
with the fastest acting Lymph  cancer 
ever seen (according to her physician), 
presented conclusive  evidence that the 
highest profile public displays of murder 
and  carnage were achieved by covert 
means of mind control to affect  these 
heinous crimes and that the purpose of 
the crimes typically  attended several 
agenda’s. These include manipulating 
public opinion  and assassinating 
opponents of the conspirators.  She was 
adamant in  asserting that these events 
are not random occurrences, but  
intelligently planned and executed 
conspiracies.  Furthermore she  
characterized the 'random killing' and 
'lone nut' media portrayals as status quo 
cover-ups that protected the 
perpetrators from  prosecution.

She was considered among the most 
reputable of conspiracy theorists 
by all conspiracy theorists.  I 
am excepting those self proclaimed 
conspiracy theorists acting as agents of  
misinformation for profit and to aid those 
conspiring to commit  crimes: thus 
sidestepping all danger and tapping into 
the fringe  benefits allotted to co-

Mae Brussel’s assassination is probably 
the best evidence available  regarding 
her credibility.  Next to that is the fact 
that her  research after her death was 
handed to a man who was set up in 
order  to extricate the information for 
which he was the steward, and lock  it 
away to where the public might not 
access it.  Now, all Mae  Brussel’s 
research is locked away in Washington 
D.C. and unavailable  to the public.  
Patterns I have observed of existing 
subterfuge  suggests that when her 
research is made available, it will have 
been  edited, tampered with, and 

Dave Emory has presented in his radio 
broadcasts speakers on the  subject of 
Directed Energy Weapons, who have 
discussed specific  microwave directed 
beam guns which have a microphone 
the  weapon-bearer may speak into.  
His speech is then transmitted via  
microwave and resonates against the 
skull of the person at whom it  is aimed.  
The victim hears the voice of the bearer 
of the weapon.  Such microwave guns 
have been identified by sincere 
researchers (as opposed to agents of 
misinformation) including Mae Brussel 
as a primary tool used in controlling 
Manchurian Candidates.  Sodium 
Pentothol has also been used to cause 
confusion in the Candidate who later 
cannot recall what was done due to the 
drugs effects.

David Icke, blacklisted by the BBC for 
his disclosure of covert  activities and 
the shadow government has discussed 
Project Monarch,  a covert research and 
operations project that engages in the  

1)  Kidnapping of children who are likely 
candidates as Manchurian  Candidates; 
beautiful, young, intelligent and 

2)  Further traumatization is used to 
induce a psychological  condition 
referred to as compartmentalization: an 
induced  bipolar condition.  Past jargon 
would have called this  induced 
schizophrenia by using trauma’s to 
cause mental  blocks in subjects, thus 
compartmentalizing their personality.  
Such a compartmentalized personality 
is the most receptive to  suggestion and 
the most malleable to conditioning as a  
Manchurian Candidate.

3)  These subjects are then used to 
have sex with rich or  powerful 
individuals to compromise them, 
rendering them  subject to blackmail by 
the agents who control the Manchurian  
Candidate.  The Manchurian Candidate 
may also be used to acquire information 
from otherwise tight-lipped sources, or 
for assassinations.

4)  Finally, in their middle thirties, the 
induced  compartmentalization breaks 
down and the person begins to integrate  
their various experiences.  At this time 
they may exhibit independent  thought 
and become a threat to their masters.  
Witnesses claim that  at this point the 
Manchurian Candidate is murdered in 
what have been  referred to as “Snuff 
Flicks”  and even their death is turned  
profitable for their masters.

I refer to this because from this comes 
the knowledge that the use  of such 
directed energy weapons is most 
effective when used on  children, who 
are highly malleable already.  Children 
who have had  traumatized childhood’s, 
even though never a part of the 
Monarch  Project, become ready 
candidates for agents wielding such 
directed  energy weapons to effect their 


Logical police action regarding the 
Arkansas shooting should be  to 
immediately inventory those in the area 
with possible access  to such weapons.  
Friends of victims should be interviewed 
to  determine if any information exists 
regarding recent  acquaintances of the 
victims possibly suspect in perpetrating  
this apparent random slaughter by use 
of directed energy  weapons.  The 
children should be questioned so that it 
may  be determined if they heard voices 
or have been subjected to  drugs that 
might improve their receptivity as the 
pawns of  such a covert action.  The 
perpetrator will probably have had  
access to information on the children, 
the adults who were  murdered, the 
parents  of the children, and the 
grandfather  who owned the weapons.  
Affiliations and interconnections should 
be investigated.

The police should exercise caution not 
to presume or conclude  regarding this 
case, inadvertently closing the case, not 
only  enabling the agenda of the 
perpetrator, but increasing the  
frequency with which the perpetrator will 
exercise such modus  operandi.  
Individuals who appear to have an 
unwarranted  interest in diverting further 
investigations are suspect. 


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