Recent history of the Conspiracy

This was a letter written to explain crime and the drug 
industry, which  is just one 'department' of 'big money.  
Although jumping to incorrect sociological 
conclusions based on his own localized brainwashing 
typical to this geographic area, A. Ralph Epperson 
compiles the best historical account of covert activities, 
aka the shadow government, detailing evidence as well 
as thoughts of persons throughout history on this 
condition, including Churchill, Lincoln, Kennedy, Patton 
and many others.  The fact is that David Icke puts it best 
in contemporary thought (blacklisted BBC commentator 
who gives lectures in the U.S.  now on the one world 
government) when he shows how all groups, drug 
smugglers, military chiefs, church priesthood's, secret 
organizations have their top-men controlled via the 
Bilderbergers who are in turn controlled by big money.  
Factional divisions in the U.S. such as the left and right 
wing are essentially fabricated by the media (for all 
effects and purposes) to achieve specific ends which 
include 1) divide and conquer the American People and 
2) use whichever 'group' is in power to advance the 
agenda of the money-powers (referring to the 12-17 
families who control most of the world's wealth).

The entire 'chain of command' of drug operations is just 
one more group.  By one more group, I again refer to the
use of those in power to control the planet by herding
everyone into groups and controlling each of the groups
by putting the proverbial gun to the head of the person
who is in charge.  Individuals are herded into these 
groups so they may not exist freely, but only with the 
condoning of one of these groups, each of which has its 
chief boss man controlled by the Bilderbergers.  If they 
get out of line, they are replaced.  Thus all individual free 
thought is compromised and everyone must be 
subservient to one or another group which then is 
directed to achieve the desired agenda's of the 
Bilderbergers and thus the money-powers.  That these 
groups may war upon and kill each other is of no 
concern, provided that they are advancing the CORRECT 

So it is with politicians: a group of people with 
criminal, legal and social prominence who are allowed to 
advance as far and as long as they remain consistent with 
the Agenda.  Even new parties I have watched from their 
birth to their 'in effect' death have been manipulated to 
achieve the Agenda.  The Peace and Freedom party went 
from a primary agenda for civil rights and opposing 
'fabricated wars' that existed only for economic reasons, 
to pursuing anti-gun (thus anti-Constitution) legislation
and legislation for radical man hating, sabotaging of
women's rights (thus alienating and splintering those truly 
concerned by human rights altogether in the performance 
of focusing exclusively on specific agenda's with people 
in charge who were contrary to other 'human rights' 
agenda's).  The Libertarian party was similarly 
compromised, going again from protecting individual 
rights to the dual fists of 1) private property rights to the 
extreme that it permits monopolistic powers to exist and 
thus denies the vast majority of humans any more right 
than the Buffalo had AND 2) industries rights to 'do 
whatever they want' regardless of environmental or social 
impact.  This second agenda calls for a de-throning of 
government, but only to replace it with an oligarchy in 
effect, which is a government with NO representation.

The drug business has always been the territory (under 
the money powers) of organized crime and intelligence 
(can you say that in one breath?).  Organized crime is an 
outgrowth of international trade.  In the olden days if you 
went to another country with your goods, you could be 
legally and otherwise taken advantage of.  Organized 
crime offered 'protection' that allowed the international 
bankers to protect their industry, and the corollary 
subsidiary businesses could also take advantage of the 
'protection'.  Thus organized crime has been in bed with 
the big-money for a long time.  They simply enlist the 
brightest they can and put on a good face on one side and 
the face of terror on the other.  As nations and treaties 
became more powerful, and banking systems became 
more powerful, the need for organized crime became less 
and less.  The birth of bona-fide intelligence agencies 
through the World Wars nipped further into the territory 
that once belonged to organized crime.  The long 
standing alliance between organized crime and the 
money-powers has always assured they would have a role 
in the management of the world.

The difference between organized crime and intelligence, 
is that intelligence has the authority of sovereign 
governments, and organized crime had the authority of 
the unidentified but all powerful money-powers.  As the 
all powerful money-powers finalize their control over the 
planet, organized crime families are moved into 
insurance companies, government groups like the NTSB 
or the Justice Department, corporations, state lotteries, 
and other places where they can be legitimized.

During WWII, when the bankers paid Roosevelt to move 
the U.S.  into war against Germany (orchestrating Pearl 
Harbor deliberately), our intelligence had an opportunity 
to work closely with organized crime.  This was 
legitimized after Mussolini (who first murdered opposing 
politicians and newspaper editors on the left, then 
bankers who would not cooperate, taking over the banks 
in Italy and faking the books, and finally the organized 
crime groups who he had used for his earlier crimes but 
now presented a threat as they might work for the 
bankers at any moment) began to execute and imprison 
organized crime leaders in Italy.  The Mafia became an 
ally to the OSS.  After the war, the money powers wished 
to continue garnering wealth in drug trafficking, and the 
CIA was supportive for national security reasons: If we 
didn't control drugs, someone else would; drugs are 
important in research; drugs tie to all the intelligence 
and crime networks throughout the world and whoever 
controls them has controls within every nation; drugs 
are useful to set-up enemies, placate resistance and 
compromise powerful opposition without making martyrs 
of them; drug trafficking enabled intelligence to
counter threats to the money powers agendas); and drug 
trafficking does not hurt the 'law abiding citizen' 
because only CRIMINALS BUY DRUGS.  Of course, owing favors 
to organized crime figures, gave them Cuba to use for their 
prostitution and drug dealing and gambling with no fear 
of federal intervention.  .  When Castro learned that 
Cubans were not entitled to the same rights as Americans, 
he protested and he drove the mob out of Cuba and thus 
began the real reason for our long standing animosity 
with Cuba.

In 1972 former operations to take over control of the 
drug trade were consolidated into the Drug Enforcement 

With the hippies, a new group formed that could not be 
compromised with heroin because of the outrage it would 
cause in the U.S.  The money-powers had killed Kennedy, 
but the United States was still too powerful to openly 
Snuffing the black civil rights movement with heroin, 
was OK, but this tactic could not be used on White
middle class American kids who believed in justice,
truth, and human rights they were taught in school.
So, to silence Americans with an agenda that defied the 
shadow government, without the scare heroin would have 
caused, cocaine production in South America ramped up.  
The American Counterculture (people who had their own 
values and didn't suck-up like naive gullible fools to 
whatever the money powers and their puppets, the media, 
the politicians, the churches and the underworld put 
forth) was then targeted on many fronts, only one of which
was cocaine.

Now the drug cartels were global in scope.  As the money 
powers became more apparent, intelligence in the U.S. 
became increasingly aware that agenda's being perpetrated 
in America without explanation or with shallow and 
unbelievable explanations defied our upbringing that we 
were a Republic with values based on truth and human rights.  
Thus a schism formed between faction groups.  Through 
the late '80's and early '90's true leaders in America were 
assassinated and set-up while the media control was fully 
extended.  Now the propaganda machine was fully 
responsible for maintaining the lies, because anyone who 
is not corrupt, afraid or selling out can see through the 
baloney.  Whistle blowers were quelled through the
late '80's and early '90's with murders succesfully 
disguised as cancers, heart attacks, car accidents and
suicides.  No murders committed in these ways are 
ever investigated by police.  People like the recent shooter
in Washington DC (July 1998) are ignored and ridiculed
when they claim they are being covertly targeted and not
until the shadow government powers use them to commit
a crime by some mind control technique are they given
any attention, at which time it is all whitewashed as some
looney gone off the deep end.  We used to accuse Russia of
calling their political dissidents crazy, but that is how we
silence our own today!

Some ask me how I know all this.  I cannot easily explain
how criminal and special forces have harassed and caused
me injury continuously for over 26 years, and the police
sure don't want to listen to me; I guess I just don't own
a downtown business or possess enough wealth.  And it
is easier for the police to support covert criminals by
denying the victim, since they don't have to do any work
in that case, and those who wish can feed their own ego's
bullying and intimidating and insulting true victims of 
crime.  My life and my future is endangered for these 
points of view.  I have already suffered so much injustice 
that I have little left to lose.  My sources are personal 
acquaintances, Mae Brussel, Dave Emory, Danny 
Casolaro, Cover-up (by John Goffman), The Unseen 
Hand (by A.  Ralph Epperson), None Dare Call It 
Conspiracy (cannot recollect author), Limits to Growth 
(the Club of Rome) and observances, recollections and 
analyses of thousands of hours of news broadcasts, 
speakers and films.  I furthermore solemnly swear that
all I have written is true to the best of my knowledge and
that I have no agenda other than believing in the U.S. 
Constitution, educating the public to protect our Republic,
truth, justice and human rights.

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