Cyberbipolarity: Illness or Defense Mechanism? 1998

On 4/14/1998 I discovered 
cyberbipolarity.  As you may know, 
bipolar behavior is the word used to 
replace schizophrenia and has to do 
with presenting more than one face.  

Back when it was called schizophrenia, 
it was considered a disorder: and well it 
may be.  However, I am here to present 
the idea that it is simply a self-defense 
mechanism, no different or less natural 
than any of the many other self defense 
mechanisms that life forms find 
themselves armored with.

In a nutshell, the system is not perfect.  
The U.S.  Constitution is the authorizing 
document of all government activity, and 
it guarantees the right to free speech.  I 
am not talking about using speech to 
induce immediate mass hysteria 
deliberately, like falsely yelling fire in a 
theatre.  I am talking about the right to 
express one's beliefs without fear of 
intimidation or repercussions for doing 

The hippies demonstrated the 
government does not abide by the 
Constitution and simply uses it to 
convince young children that the 
government is all just so that when they 
grow up they will believe that until they 
themselves become the victims of crimes
perpetrated by government agents.  

At Kent State the government shot and killed 
people for protesting a war that was 
obviously the manipulation of special 
interests for profit, guised as an element 
of national security.  More recently, young 
minor girls had mace applied directly to 
their eyes to discourage them from protesting 
the destruction of the planets life 
support system for the sake of short 
term profits for a few.  This was done 
defying the manufacturers of the mace 
warning not to do this.  This was done 
by Humboldt County Sheriffs whose 
machismo relies on a consensus with 
wealth and power, in this case, the 
lumber companies.  Mace put in young 
girls eyes.

Such an assault on minor girls would 
have been political heyday for the 
State's Attorney General, Dan 
Lundgren, if anyone else had done it.  
But since the people who did it were 
under his authority, he said he would 
not prosecute.  I mean, a nation can 
seem to get worked up because the 
President tried to deceive the public 
to conceal his sex life (which most 
people would do also)but look the other 
way when terrorism is used on Minor 
Girls to discourage protecting the 
environment from big money interests.

Such double standards and such crimes 
by our government indicates the 
troubling state of affairs that would have 
had our forefathers up in arms.  Indeed, 
Thomas Jefferson and George 
Washington and John Adams surely did 
all they could to place constraints 
carefully constructed on government to 
criminalize such abuse.

Back to Bipolar conditions.  All my life I 
have believed in the Constitution of the 
United States.  The more I studied it, 
the more it made sense to me.  I 
objected to racism, indeed, to injustice 
of any kind: whether it be imposed on 
gays, women, whales, me or anyone 
else.  By eclectically choosing my own 
culture, I have attracted forces of 
tyranny that dread non-conformity and 
fear of change from the business as 
usual people with their disrespect for life 
on the planet and for the environment.

Yet, I find now, that the type of 
hypocritical application of the 
Constitution of the United States 
(What's OK for me is not OK for you 
mentality) has become far reaching; so 
far reaching that it is beyond my attempt 
to contend with.  Yet I cannot simply 
accede to terrorists, so what do I do? 

Bipolar behavior.  To those criminals 
who would violate my rights and the 
rights of others I must present a 
minimized posture until such time as 
they are brought to justice.  When I can 
exercise my right to think and speak 
freely, I do so to educate with a zealous 
seriousness that urgency and danger 
and treason confront those true patriots 
who defend the Constitution of the 
United States against enemies both 
domestic and foreign.

So, I've gone bipolar in Cyberspace.  

Any act of reason or analysis which 
exposes criminals for the crimes they 
commit against nature, against 
minorities, against society, against the 
planet in general, will be reserved in the 
more stealthy web pages of Eoroneth.  

I grew up in the 60's and protested the 
War in Vietnam.  I knew that the 
Communist scare was a bunch of 
baloney, and since then I have spent 
much of my life documenting the 
activities of the real conspirators, who 
are not the Communists, but every bit 
as sinister and evil as we believed as 
gullible children that the Communists 

I will never forget the day John F.  
Kennedy died.  I will never forget when 
in 1969 I learned of the presentation by 
the "everyman theatre" made the 
presentation of a study by three 
Doctorate students who exposed all 
three assassinations, the JFK 
assassination, the Martin Luther King 
assassination, and the Robert F.  
Kennedy assassination as a 
Conspiracy.  I followed other non-
conformist sources of information like 
Mae Brussel and Danny Casolaro until 
each of them were murdered.

Indeed, it is hard to doubt oneself, when 
one can see the witnesses for an idea 
getting bumped off as they reach the 
limits of what the publics been allowed 
to know so far.

We live in a time of specialization, 
which is why it is so easy for people to 
defer their decisions to an expert.  
Unfortunately, experts can be bought, 
and often are.  A history of the United 
States from the 50's until today is 
littered with examples of the American 
Public being misled by corporations 
seeking to profit by something, paying 
one scientist who says something 
cutesy, and everyone goes along with it.  
I am reminded of this when I see all the 
groups to cure Cancer cure, Altheimerís 
disease and cure Diabetes; who for all 
their efforts could resolve most their 
problems readily if the public were 
informed of the truth regarding the 
causes.  Table salt, aluminum, soda 
pops, red meat, lead, processed 
starches, excesses of sugar - these are 
major causes of disease.  At least when 
I smoke a cigarette, I do so choosing to 
expose myself to danger; not lied to 
about the danger.  These truths are self 
evident, but it just takes a contrary 
scientist, a team of lawyers, and a 
corporation more interested in profit 
than the welfare of Society to shut just 
about any truth up.

From 1988 through about 1992 the U.S.  
had it's own "Perestroika" but that 
seems to have been crushed.  Yet I feel 
the rate of change to be so accelerated 
that new awakenings should be right on 
the heels of those recently past.

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