False intelligence works!

24 August 1998

False intelligence has been the most powerful tool 
used to manipulate U.S. Government officials.  
When it satisfies hidden agenda's of special interests, 
covert groups and the Shadow Government, you can 
be sure it will be preached as gospel

Of course, false intelligence about John F. Kennedy's 
state of mind was fed to CIA operatives to justify his 
assassination on behalf of the 'money powers', since 
they could not publicly proclaim their true reason for 
killing him:  that he printed U.S. Notes rather than 
borrow fiat money created out of thin air and loaned 
at usurious rates to the U.S.

Then there was the Gulf of Tonkin story that got us 
in Viet Nam, about the Viet Cong attacking us, when 
in fact we attacked ourselves.

Of course, terrorism by CIA/Mossad perpetrating 
their Iran Contra moneymaking schemes were about 
to be exposed by the anti-terrorist McGee CIA team, 
when he and his entourage were all murdered in the 
bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.  The bombing used 
a CIA heroin trafficking route run by Libyan 
contract agents working for the CIA.  They were told 
they were putting another suitcase of Heroin on 
board and unknowingly loaded a bomb on the plane.  
Despite Israeli and German intelligence reports to 
the CIA that the McGee team and Pan Am Flight 
103 were about to be bombed, the targeted victims 
were not warned because the bombing of the plane 
was to prevent Congress from hearing evidence 
about the true nature of Middle East Terrorism, and 
the role of the CIA in perpetrating the terrorism to 
elicit Zionist Cooperation in other arena's by 
creating anti Arab sentiment while making bundles 
of money.

Then of course there was Noriega.  He was supposed 
to let a CIA controlled Cuban ship that was filled 
with Russian weapons (put there by the CIA) pass 
through the canal one way, and then come back 
through the other.  At that point, we were supposed 
to 'discover' it and accuse the Russians and Cubans 
of supporting the Sandanista's, and start a war 
against Nicaragua.  When Noriega refused to go 
along with starting a 'war for profit' in South 
America, he was fired as a CIA contract agent.  
Further actions against him were met with his threat 
that he would reveal the CIA drug smuggling 
operations.  To prevent that, we bombed the heck out 
of Panama killing thousands of innocent people.

The August 1998 embassy bombings are said to be 
Arab terrorists.  Time no doubt will reveal that this 
was another piece of fabricated intelligence.  A 
factory employing 5000 producing necessary 
medication for Sudan was destroyed by a missile 
attack the day after Clinton confessed to having an 
improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  No 
doubt this attack was also the result of false 

There are many more examples.  Perhaps I shall add 
them onto this page at a later time.

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