The Right to Choose!

If you believe in human rights, you 
recognize that outside of the 'need' of 
governments to regulate for public 
safety, actions by the government 
beyond these ends constitute tyranny. 
If you do not believe in human rights, 
the conclusion remains the same: that for 
Government to force people to make 
decisions adverse to their own nature, 
or beliefs without justification that is 
coherent (i.e.  the justification must
stand up to the light of reason whether
you are in tin-buck-too or 
San Franscisco), IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
Paraphrased, if something is forbidden
in one place and OK somewhere else, 
that which is forbidden is probably 
some form of tyranny, for if it was a
public threat it would not be allowed
elsewhere.  If a justification for 
infringement on individual rights is 
true in one place, then logically is 
should be true in all places.

In a democracy laws may be arbitrarily 
created by a majority.  These may be
laws that serve no other purpose than
to maintain the hang-ups of a frustrated
populace perpetrating what was 
perpetrated on them, such as the dumb
laws REQUIRING people to wear clothes.
I mean, if its warm out, why can't I go
naked (even if it is cold, who has the
right to tell me to dress warmer).  Is 
the reasoning that someone will flip out
if I go naked so important that a 
government should be authorized to force
me to wear clothes?  If such arbitrary
justification is allowed, what is to 
prevent a commercial interest from 
controlling news and advertising to the
point where a non-thinking conformist
society is established with criminal 
penalties imposed for individuality
and free choice?  If a government 
requires clothes, should they be 
expected to provide that clothing -
and I am not talking carcinogenic 
synthetic fibers; I am talking 
hypoallergenic safe cotton and hemp 

If we are to kow-tow to childish 
tantrums of people flipping out, then 
that in effects supports a form of 
a mental illness:  Is that the purpose 
of government - to prolong and support 
a mental illness?  If we are all to 
be enslaved to whatever creed some 
group flips out over, what is to 
stop the oligarchy from programming 
the population to flip out over any 
liberty they wish to take away from 

Well hey, I flip out when people make
war or when people shoot or injure
protestors simply for their expression
of concern about the safety and
welfare of the planet.  I think war 
is more serious than nudity.  Why,  
because a majority of people have to 
impose their whims on me, should I 
have to go out and spend money on 
clothes?  To satisfy their need to
remain ignorant, xenophobic, racist
and close-minded?  To protect their
values left over from the dark ages?
What a rip!

The Freedom of Religion is linked to 
our other Freedoms.  If religious 
zealots influence the government to 
legislate religious preferences of 
style, it is only a matter of time 
before religions are outlawed 
themselves.  For Christian's who 
believe God put us in these bodies
to make our own choices, who are 
they to try and make the choice for
me but servants of the Devil?
In a Republic (theoretically) there
is rule by law.  In the U.S. the idea
is that as a Republic, laws are
implemented that protect everyone's 
rights to life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness.  Liberty does not and 
won't ever pre-empt prohibitions on
activities that injure people like 
shooting guns in a playground or 
cutting down all our forests thus
wiping out the air we breathe.  That is 
why I like the concept of a Republic,
because it protects the rights of the
individual to make his or her own 
choices, even if they are bad ones, 
provided they do not injure or take
from others.  At the same time it 
extends limited authority to 
Governments to legislate against acts
which cause injury or death to others.

As we move into a One World 
Government (almost a necessity if
our civilized and technological
world is to survive) it becomes
more important than ever to recognize
that religious states, and other forms
of tyranny imposing choices on people,
are the biggest threat we face today!
Expecially since the nature of these
impositions are typically for self 
gain and have nothing to do with the
protection of human rights or concern
for the planet as an ecosystem.

I support each individuals right to
worship in their own manner.  I do
not support their collective forcing
other people to worship as they so
choose, or using their collective as
an instrument to terrorize, criminalize,
steal from and injure those who believe
differently.  I do not support the right
of mobs to deny the right of free
choice to non-conformists.  I do not
support any agency that discriminates
against color, creed, religion or 
individualism.  I do not support their 
collective engaging lobbyist to effect
laws that infringe on our human rights
to choose how we live our lives within
the limits set by the damage that is 
caused to others or life on Earth in

I hope you will join me in the renewed
battle started by our forefathers to
limit the powers of government and 
protecting the rights of the individual
to make cultural and personal choices
without interference or intimidation, 
as long as those choices do not harm

Stop the gangs!  The gangs that think 
they have the right to crush individual 
expression to satisfy their immature 
hysterical desire to tyrannize over 

United States

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