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15 September 1998

"Right to Know"

If I hear the windbags on TV talk about the "people's 
right to know" any more I am going to throw up.  The 
only thing that comes close to it is their hoopla about the 
President lying.  They are the ultimate hypocrites when 
they express concern about the "public's right to know" or 
lying, both issues in which they are embroiled.

TV and the media are ultimately guilty of the largest 
criminal cover-up that has ever happened in America.  
Routinely people conspire to commit serious and heinous 
crimes using the auspices of government power or other 
authority, and do so with impunity.  Large economic 
forces engage in creating legislation that condemns 
millions to die, yet are never tried for murder.  

The forces that move governments and economies are 
rarely explained in their entirety, and those explanations 
that are given are usually intended to deceive.  The 
duality of cultures and rights between the 'upper crust' 
and the 'ordinary citizen' is maintained diligently.  The 
actual movers that shape the lives of everyone on earth 
are concealed while President Clinton's sex life is hung 
out to dry for the world to see.  

The media curses your right to know.  You have a right 
to know that.  They use you as pawns put to war with 
each other either to keep you busy or make them more 
money.  The uncontrolled Monopoly game winds up and 
more and more people are being forced out of the game.

But it's not a game.

Already we have seen indigenous cultures wiped out in 
favor of our more civilized world.  Now our more 
civilized world degrades to a competitive dog eat dog 
society where people must compromise their conscience 
and their knowledge or right and wrong simply to 

Lies are not just telling falsehoods.  Lies are any 
endeavors to deceive.  They tell you only the truths they 
want you to know to deceive you and use you.

What can we do about the way the media flaunts their 
disregard for our "Right to Know" and communicating 
honestly with the public?  Boycott their advertisers!  
Become community oriented and buy in bulk.  Do not 
feed the system that will destroy you if it can.

You may not see Jesus wandering around, but you will 
see many many people persecuted and ridiculed because 
they speak the truth in a time of media moguls 
manipulating masses for their masters.

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