A true side to every story!!!

As I have paid very close attention to all 
the news and all the deceivers, let it be 
known that David Koresh and the men 
women and children in his house were 
murdered because David Koresh had 
gone to the local Sheriff to try and 
convince the Sheriff to take action 
against the neighbors who ran an 
amphetamine lab. 

 These people would trick and lure 
women from Koresh's community, drug 
them with amphetamines, and use them 
for pleasure, until they were so 
damaged that they would be sent back 
to Koresh. Koresh saw this and 
determined to stop it. 

 The global intelligence community have 
established an international drug policy 
to traffic in drugs and use them for 
profit, to compromise individuals, and 
for assassination, with the exception of 
a small group (faction 4) that use drugs 
to heal and further research into 
consciousness and evolution.

Factions 1,2, and 3 however make money
and gain power by having drugs illegal.
So even if a drug has been used with
reasonable safety for decades, they 
have propagandized and manipulated to
make then dangerous and illegal.

Ritalin, nearly identical in biochemical
process to amphetamines are popularly used
with children.  Despite the vast 
similarities, the safer pharmaceutical 
amphetamines have been made totally 
illegal, and a society that had largely 
used them for diet loss, truck driving, 
final exams and more safely for decades, 
was now left only with amphetamines made 
in uncontrolled environments and 
administered in uncontrolled doses 
feeding money into a criminal market. 

But this was not enough. As the 
Cocaine trade was impacted in the late 
80's, elements of organized crime and 
factions one, two, and three of the 
global intelligence community sought to 
consolidate amphetamine production for 
the following purposes: To create an 
income source, to frame and set up 
enemies, such as those who would 
reveal the modus operandi of organized 
crime, and cull the society of so-called 
unwanted population groups. 

 So it was in the early 90's the 
consolidation of the amphetamine black 
market was fully established. Many 
honest truthful people of hippie origin 
seeking to expose the crimes and evils 
of the new organized purveyors of these 
drugs were framed and set up from 
within the criminal world. The added 
toxicity of the newer post 80's drugs, 
now a dirty biphetamine requiring nearly 
lethal doses to effect the change of 
consciousness that earlier 
amphetamines could effect at relatively 
safe doses promoted the cause of the 
organized crime and its lackeys in 
government: producing wealth that 
stayed in the country, easily used to set 
up enemies by the disastrous effects 
comparatively, and murder the elements 
of the counter-culture that were not loyal 
servants to the organized crime that 
lives in the alleyways, permeates the 
government, and extends all the way to 
the top and the global controlling 
Bilderbergers, who seek to control and 
guide the world along paths they have 

 Back to David Koresh. Hip to what was 
going on, like many of us, he sought to 
put an end to it. Yet his fateful trip to the 
Sheriff to try and end this criminal 
activity, would result in ending him. 

The Sheriff's Dept. in Palmdale has a 
sign which reads:  "Work to make the 
communities we serve a place where 
upstanding, law abiding citizens feel 
safe to live and work".  This 
presupposes that the Sheriff is judge 
jury and executioner, since they have 
taken it on themselves to decide who to 
serve, rather than arresting people for 
crimes and allowing the courts to 
decide.  I believe when law enforcement 
starts to execute their duties within the 
law and responsibly, that statement will 
simply refer to making the community 
safe instead of fabricating an excuse to 
illegally exercise selective enforcement 
of the laws.

In the Mariposa County Courthouse the 
Sheriff used to have a more honest sign 
on the wall, if no more legitimate in 
nature, and that read, "for our friend's 
everything is OK, for our enemies 
nothing is OK, all others see rules and 

I am not presuming about the Sheriff in 
Waco that day when David Koresh went 
to see him to stop criminal activity 
endangering him and his community.  

 So it is that the greatest crimes of the 
intelligentsia are perpetrated by 
accusing the accusers. This method 
works great, and with the conspiratorial 
group of criminals targeting one lone 
accuser, even the most innocent man 
can be framed and ruined. So no one is 
safe to go up against these criminals. 

 To silence Koresh, lackeys in the ATF, 
under the direction of the ultimate 
powers, the Bilderbergers, through 
whatever emissaries they used (be it the 
CIA, organized crime, or some other 
servant organisation), trumped up the 
phony charge of illegal weapons. 
Despite the fact that the jurisdiction was 
that of the Texas Rangers, and all the 
ATF had to do was to contact the Sheriff 
and ask him to have David Koresh come 
in (for David had demonstrated a track 
record of responding in a timely manner 
on those occasions the Sheriff had 
called him), the perpetrators in the ATF 
did not want to arrest David Koresh, 
they wanted to murder him and all with 
him so no-one would live to tell the true 
story.  So contrived was this conspiracy 
that the Director of the FBI, William 
Sessions, already suspicious of such 
hidden agenda's and actively 
investigating them, was forced to refrain 
from involvement in Waco on the 
grounds that he had lived there and 
would be prejudiced therefore (no doubt 
if the FBI or the Texas Rangers had 
taken charge, there would not have 
been the mass executions no better 
than Saddam's gassing of the Kurds 
everyone talks so much about.)

 Allow me to state for the record that 
Clinton and Reno's culpability is not 
what many of Koresh's defenders would 
have you believe. They were ignorant of 
what was really going on. So ignorant in 
fact, that William Sessions, Director of 
the FBI at the time, and the only man in 
Law Enforcement in a position of his 
power aware of the conspiratorial nature 
of ongoing events, was forbidden from 
involvement in the Waco Affair by them, 
and then to further silence him (the 
accused making accusations) was 
accused of receiving a gift from a 
security company and asked to resign 
for this. 

 Clinton has been accused of killing his 
bodyguards, Vince Foster, Paul 
Wilcher, and others. I do not believe he 
is involved in these crimes. These 
crimes are committed to keep him in line 
and warn him to not reveal what he 
knows.  Pressures brought to bear on 
him in treasonous activities to covertly 
control the government of the United 
States.  This is America and everyone 
has a God given right to make their own 
choices about their own life and its only 
Hillary's business if anyone's!!!).  Of all 
subject matters to which a person is 
entitled privacy, is their sex life. In 
addition, the helicopter crash (with U.S. 
and Kurdish Diplomats) in Kurdistan 
and the Ron Brown Plane Crash are two 
instances of further deliberate efforts to 
thwart Clinton's attempts to act 
independently by the true rulers of the 
planet, the Zionist bankers and their 
lackeys.  This is by no means an 
inference on the Jewish people.  Just as 
bad cops beating Rodney King does not 
make all cops bad, Zionists, engaging in 
perpetrating wars, extortion, defamation 
of character and much more do not 
make all Jews bad.  There are good and 
bad people within any racial or religious 
stereotype, and I simply use the word 
Zionist to most accurately describe a 
group of bankers originally, mostly 
Jewish in religious orientation, who 
have been documented as the 
perpetrators of all major wars and 
depressions for over 200 years.  They 
use economic manipulations primarily 
as weapons of war against nations.  
They resort to assassinations and 
legislative manipulations when financial 
ones do not suffice.  They resort to 
assassinations and wars when all else 
has failed to give them the upper hand.

Indeed, many Jews as well as people of
all religions and races are now banded
together to stop the heinous fasciest
economic cartel that tyrannizes the 
world with its arbitrary and self 
serving laws and abuses of human rights.

In conclusion, these corrupt individuals 
control the world.  People in places of 
high power see this, and conclude they 
too have the right to use force to get 
their way, as Saddam Hussein was led 
to believe he did.  These people are 
manufacturing and distributing drugs to 
kill and control others at a great profit, 
and are allowed to do so by the bankers 
as it creates a diversion which protects 
them.  David Koresh tried to expose this 
and for doing so, was incriminated with 
charges to divert from this truth, and 
with his followers was then slain in cold 
blood with flamethrowing tanks.  The 
subsequent executions were simply 
mercy killings to put people burning to 
death out of their misery.  David Koresh 
has been slandered and libeled in his 
death, and cannot refute the lies of his 
accusers.  God no doubt will do this for 

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