Highly Recommended Sites!

The Federalist Papers! The funny comics of Tom Tomorrow: Take a break for a laugh or two!
United States Freedom Fighters: Helmet Laws and much much more!!
David Icke: BBC Sportscaster until he said too much!: This man has exposed the shadow government. Now he weaves his tale in the subtle talk so as not to be overtly murdered by the global oligarchy!
The Independent Institute!: Enlightening Idea's for Public Policy!
Rumor Mill News!: Rumors from government insiders!
The Secret Government and the death of Danny Casolaro!: If you don't know about Danny Casolaro, you've been getting your news from TV and newspapers!
The Liberty Bell: There's a lot of great stuff here, but if nothing else, you must read, "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars!"
Learn the truth about Tax Laws!: Here is Otto Skinner's web page!
If You Are the Defendent!: Here is a link through which you may obtain Otto's material!
The Biggest Tax Loophole!: Here is a second page for another of Otto's books!
Another resource on Tax Laws!: In trying to locate a new web page for Otto Skinner's books, I found this cool page!
The Freedom of Information Act: A great page for those who want to dig-up the truth!
Palestine Times: Journey to a far away place and share the humanity!!!
Palestine Info Net: Learn about a struggling people who have been made to suffer with your tax dollars!!!
Medical Marijuana Initiative: Get active to stop illegal criminalization of people attending their health!
DOJ attacks Freedom of Speech!: Bob and Bob in Court defending everyone's rights!
Lycaeum is a door to sanity!: Drugs are about evolution, religion, knowing yourself and healing!
Conspiracy Nation!: Another source of alternative points of view!
Vote Scam!: A link to much more on conspiracies!
Final Judgement!: The truth is coming together!
Creeping Fascism!: Mumia and the Court System!
Fully Informed Jury Association!: Victims can't afford legal recourse; fasciests disguise tyranny as victim rights; corporations are so slightly penalized that it is profitable to break the law; you CAN do something about this!
Do you really want to stop Terrorism?: Terrorism is 600,000 children dead in Iraq by sanctions that really are imposed to satisfy a Zionist Agenda for global domination!
Imladris Main Page!: Return to the alternative to the spoon-fed media!
Tripod!: Become a member and start your own web site!



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