The truth about what's going on - 12 Sept. 1998: Updated 2/10/2000.

Many presidents have had extramarital affairs.  Many 
people  believe open marriages are more loving and 
less despotic than  forcing someone into denial for their 
attractions to others.  Some of us believe that a wrong
is committed when you require someone to lie about
their feelings or repress their feeling simply to appease 
someone else's belief system.  I believe that it is 
wrong when we condone any kind of tyranny to protect 
the insecurity of people living under false illusions.

After all, if you really love somebody, you want that 
person to be happy.  This is not achieved by 
requiring them to be dishonest about their feeling.
This is not achieved by beating them up for having 
feelings for someone else.  Yet the media, the power 
mongers, and the psychopaths who try to force their 
values and beliefs down everyone's throats want us 
to believe that Clinton has done something wrong because 
he responded sexually to a sexual advance.  He perhaps 
violated tenets of the Judeo-Christian beliefs, but 
even Jesus gave warning:  "Cast ye the first stone
who is without sin" and "Judge not lest ye be judged".  
The message is to love thy neighbor, not to pass 
laws to take away freedom of choice in matters of 
one's own life.

Clearly the Christian take on this is that if Clinton 
did do something wrong, it is between him and his 
maker.  That was Jesus's message.  Yet the false 
prophets of Christianity would negate the teachings 
of Jesus to use this violation of one of the ten 
commandments (which is not a crime) to create a crime
where there is none.

President Clinton told a white lie to protect the 
values held by the masses out of respect for their
them.  Some would have you believe that for this he 
should be punished.  In fact, his detractors have 
publicized the pornographic aspects of his personal 
life in concensual sex for their own personal gain:
so they can continue to selfishly engage in global 
crimes and atrocities while assaulting an American 
leader who has worked very hard for peace and justice.

The fact is that all the evidence points to a 
conspiracy, but not a right wing one.  Coincidentally,
the Monica Lewinsky story broke while Clinton was in 
a meeting with Netanyahu, elected leader of Israel 
during the Monica Lewinsky affair.  MSNBC, a news 
source that has routinely downplayed crimes against 
humanity where Israel is involved, was the primary 
force in driving the Monica Lewinsky fervor.  And 
finally the impeachment was stopped at the same time 
the bombing of Iraq (about which the American Public 
is completely ignorant of the truth thanks to our biased 
media) commenced.

If you haven't read "The Unseen Hand" by A. Ralph
Epperson, you are not prepared with an accurate 
historical background to understand the global 
conspiracy that has been underway for hundreds 
of years, masked by Machiavellian politics.

The right wing took the heat and helped carry the 
ball concealing the true conspiracy: in fact, it 
was predictable considering the animosity from 
the right wing toward the president.  

Netanyahu's violations of the Oslo accord, and an
ongoing 50 years of genocidal activities toward the 
Palestinians and the Arab world is the reason for 
the differences between Israel and the president.  
Israel uses its lobby to control American politics.
The relentless injustices in the middle east is 
an example illuminating what is happening domestically.

Israel has no problem with using any Hezbollah raid and 
turning around and bombing the Lebanese infrastructure 
causing the suffering of millions who have nothing to 
do with hezbollah.  Just as they had no qualms about the 
genocide and robbery of the Palestinians, and just as 
they have no qualms about using U.N. inspectors to 
implement assassination plans against Saddam Hussein 
and causing the suffering of women and children in Iraq
to achieve their goals.

While I support the right of Israel to exist, I abhor 
the apartheid system in Israel and the genocide that 
the U.S. helps finance.  I abhor the oligarchic sponsored 
control of middle eastern oil by destroying the local 
governments, replacing them with dictatorships, and then 
rationalizing that the existence of these dictatorships 
has justified massive assaults against civilian 
populations in Lebanon, Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan 
and Iraq.  

So, when Clinton refused to adopt an unjust and one 
sided view in support of Netanyahu atrocities toward 
the Palestinian People and instead pressed for a 
Christian like 'just' resolution, rather than 
respecting the will of an American President 
representing the country that has done so much for 
Israel, the oligarchy  decided to teach Clinton a 
lesson and send a warning to all future American 
Politicians.  Just as the same group murdered John 
F. Kennedy, they conspired to use Clinton's sexuality 
to blackmail him into submission.  

Of course, all they needed was MSNBC and Linda 
Tripp.  They could leave the rest to the Right 
Wing that would not stop at anything to blame 
Clinton for everything!  So, in cahoots with 
Netanyahu and the Mossad, MSNBC led the way to 
crucify the President over a very natural response 
(including lying, since we are all taught to be discreet 
publicly about our sexual relations, and the more 
public we are, the more we are expected to be 

What right and left do not realize is that this 
attack on the president is intended to compromise 
and control the policies of the United States.  
The popular right and left also do not realize 
that their own internal schisms represent the 
gulf between patriotic Americans loyal to the 
Constitution and sleazebags willing to sell 
out our sovereignty and our civil rights to the 

When the right acts as a partner in this attack, 
the right is implementing the agenda of a foreign 
powers that has no allegiance to the values of we
the supporters of the Constitution.  Needless to 
say the left has been equally culpable in allowing 
a foreign power to take control of this nation.
The solution is to return both parties to ideals 
and stop the smokescreen of pragmatism that is 
a false veneer of rationalizations intended to 
overthrow our Constitution.

You would think that will all the blathering about 
'the left wing media' that once and for all this 
attack should demonstrate that MSNBC is not left 
wing, but representative of a global economic 
cartel with no allegiance to the United States 
other than manipulating the United States to its 
own agenda, which include economically devastating 
all Americans who are not pawns for the oligarchy 
and the tyranny it represents.

When the FBI began to knock on the door of this 
shadow government, the director of the FBI was 
scandalized and lost his job, the Murrah Building 
was bombed and the public was duped by the 
treasonous media into believing that 'right wing 
militia's' were the force behind the bombing.
In fact, the FBI might have shut down the illegal 
activities of the oligarchy if not for the 
stupidity of Janet Reno who was too busy 
chasing phantoms to comprehend the true criminality 
afflicting our land.

Now there is no one who will investigate and 
prosecute the treason of the shadow government, 
or expose the manipulations disguised as attacks 
by the left and right against each other.  The 
New World Order killed JFK, blew up the Murrah 
building and orchestrated the Monica Lewinsky 
story to force the U.S. to engage in further 
genocide in Iraq, supplementing their current 
genocide in Israel, Lebanon and elsewhere.

That a President can be so abused for a matter which 
should not be public and which much of the public 
understands is the act of a foreign power using its 
agents in the United States to control the domestic 
and foreign policies of this country.  Don't expect 
politicians to expose these crimes: they know that 
the label 'anti-semitic' is used to attack not only 
racists and bigots, but law abiding citizen who 
value the Constitution and see the threat of 
foreign control in the United States.  I would dare 
to suggest that McCarthy did stumble onto a plot, 
but it was not a communist plot.  It was a plot 
hatched by the oligarchy to sell U.S.A. secrets 
to the communists in order to keep the U.S.A. in

Those who parade the Monica Lewinsky Affair are 
serving a foreign power intent on destroying 
our nation and our liberties.

They are engaged in a subterfuge much more evil and 
seditious than acts of sex or lying to cover it up.

Those who are focusing our leaderships attention on 
this trivia and negating the real issues should not be 

Remember, those who try and make an issue of the 
Monica Lewinsky Story are traitors to our nation, to 
our value for human life, to our Constitution, and to 
all that is just and fair.

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