Some thoughts on the Murrah Bombing!

I have researched the Conspiracy that resulted in John 
F. Kennedy's death all my life, and personally have 
absolutely no doubt that the Murrah bombing is related to 
the same criminal cartel.

It works like this.  A starting point is moot, and we could 
go back to Babylon.  For greater relevance however, 
starting around the depression of 1929 will do, or the 
formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  

A banking conspiracy or cartel has managed national 
economies  since before these times.  Read:  "The Unseen 
Hand" by A. Ralph Epperson.  Mae Brussel, former editor 
of Ramparts Magazine has produced a vast library of 
information (which was covertly obtained and removed 
from public access shortly after she was covertly 
murdered), and in it the names and dates of conspirators 
and  separate conspiratorial acts are detailed.  I have 
listened to  hundreds of hours of her radio broadcasts, and 
like all others who have, we were cognizant of the chain of 
events that culminated in the bombing of the Murrah 
Building.  For her talks on various subjects you may 

Archives on Audio POB 17023 San Francisco, CA  94117

They have a catalogue of tapes, but until you have listened 
to hundreds of hours as I have, the larger picture is not so 

Much of her work, and the works of Dave Emory and other 
Conspiracy Theorists who have followed in her footsteps, 
are based on interviews with researchers in specific subject 
matter.  Persons such as myself have spent a lifetime 
discerning those interested in the truth, from those 
interested in perpetrating misinformation for their own 
agenda or the agenda of some authority to which they are 
enslaved, by money, or by fear.  As such, there is a 
concurrence among those with a clear perspective of 
events, searching for the truth and aware of global as well 
as national and local agenda's and driving forces.  I can say 
that the best source for authentic material on all matters 
can be obtained from the library that is the Tom Davis 

Tom Davis Books POB 1107 Aptos, CA  95001-1107

Here is what I know about the Murrah Building Bombing.  
First, to get back and build a little background, I return to 
the depression as an arbitrary point in time.  The bankers 
had successfully again ripped off a bulk of the population.  
Intelligence within corporate realms became aware of this.  
At those times when they are not in league with the 
bankers, having their respective governments 'borrow' 
money that has been ripped off to 'finance' their corporate 
(usually war) efforts, they have been at war with the 
bankers, manipulating nations against each other.  WWI 
and WWII were between two fascist forces, at the top, 
although lesser pawns had their own beliefs about these 
wars. The two fascist forces can be defined as the 
Industrialist fascists who control industry and resources, 
and the Banking fascists who control banking and 

Groups such as the mob, or the Aryan Fourth Reich, are 
both byproducts of an awareness of the totalitarian control 
of the bankers over the whole world.  I am not supporting 
any of these groups, mind you.

However, crime breeds crime.  Like the cop who discovers 
that he is not allowed to bust the drug trafficker at the top, 
by his superiors, and finally comes to believe the law to be 
a farce and goes 'on the take', so nationalist groups, 
realizing they are playing on a table that is not level, 
levitates toward criminal responses.

I shall touch on major events only, in a progression.  The 
U.S. in part under control of the bankers, has consequently 
served the needs of Israel in a biased fashion.  To these 
ends, the Iran Contra and Oliver North connections led to 
terrorism in the Middle East designed to estrange U.S. and 
Arab relations.  When the CIA sent the McGee team to 
study Middle East terrorism, they stumbled across a 
horrible truth. Whether it was the Mossad's involvement in 
the death of 240 Marines in Lebanon (as detailed partially 
in "By Means of Deception") or that the murder of Beirut 
Station Chief William Buckley was not done by Arabs, but 
by Mossad agents seeking to conceal their efforts toward 
perpetrating wars and terrorism in the Middle East, gun 
and drug running with elements of the CIA, or other 
things, will never be known.  What is known is that 
McGee told his contacts in Congress that he was returning 
immediately with his team with information that would 
blow Congress away about what was happening in the 
Middle East, and that the CIA was informed that the plane 
was going to be bombed by several intelligence agencies, 
but the message was not passed on and the McGee team 
was all killed, and what they knew died with them. 
(Source:  Pan Am Insurance Investigation Report).

To further keep things quiet, a pleshette was shot at 
Reagan to kill him.  It hit his rib by accident, and he lived.  
While he was hospitalized Acting President Bush pardoned 
those indicted by Congress for involvement in Iran Contra 
to help keep what was going on under wraps.

In another event, Gunther Russbacher, backed by Richard 
Brennecke, two CIA contract agents, began to testify about 
George Bush paying off the Iranians to hold American's 
hostage to get Reagan elected.  Shortly thereafter, Gunther 
was framed in the U.S. (details are another story) and 
helped to escape the U.S., where he was subsequently 
imprisoned in Austria (where he could not talk to 
anybody).  Richard Brennecke was poisoned, and given the 
antidote, on the promise he stay out of the public limelight.  
(I have had personal contact with Richard Brennecke and 
have been friends with Rayelan Russbacher, Gunther's 
former wife).

Other personal contacts have informed me (having an 
Arabic surname, although I am not Arabic, places me in 
touch with many Arabs and Iranians with whom I share 
the persecution generically directed at all of us) who have 
confirmed several other matters.  Those are George Bush's 
part in the revolution that overthrew democracy in Iran and 
put the Shah in power, the CIA's hiding of the Ayatollah 
Khomeini in Paris as a backup option should opponents of 
the Shah ever take over Iran, and the Iranians who were 
part of the October Surprise (involved with working with 
the CIA to hold Americans Hostage to get Reagan in 
Office) who have now all been killed.

Along with Mae Brussel, Danny Casolaro and Alexander 
Constantine were coming up with connections that led to 
the Octopus.  The Octopus is the name for the one head 
with many arms, representing Iran-Contra, drug 
trafficking, the Inslaw Case, the La Penca Lawsuit, etc. 
where many of the same names came up linked to each of 
these events.

The bankers, working with right wing Zionists in Israel 
were threatened, but as with most threats of exposure, the 
best tactic is to divert attention.  So the media was allowed 
to follow up CIA indiscretions with some liberty.  Webster 
was DCI for the CIA and was seen as one who could be 
trusted to clean it up.  Session (now we are getting close to 
the Murrah story) was put in charge of the FBI.

When the October Surprise story broke, the American 
Public had already been prepped with 'Air America' and 
the CIA drug trafficking stories.  This story of Bush's 
involvement in the American Hostage Crisis put Bush in 
the hospital the day the story broke.  Three days later, 
when he got out of the hospital, the first thing he did was 
to remove Webster as DCI, and start the process for putting 
Robert Gates in.  This was the end of Perestroika in the 

A strange thing happened.  Where I worked I had been 
criminally targeted by what I perceive as an organized 
criminal effort.  Yet various person, some of whom I 
believed were FBI, convinced me not to worry, and just not 
to do anything.  This was confirmed by others close 
to me who supported me.  

I was under a political attack at the same time, and what a 
catch 22 it was.  I would be wronged, and if I dealt with it 
myself, it would be turned against me.  If I went to the 
proper authorities, I was condemned as being a whiner, 
sniveler and snitch.  Having finally realized I had no 
choice but to go through proper channels, I did.  Then I 
was accused of 'damaging morale' by those attacking me.

But at least I knew I was not alone.  Reading the news each 
day, it was obvious that Sessions had brought a group into 
the FBI without a hidden agenda, working to undo crimes 
like those I was plagued with.  A group of people that 
represented all races and no racism.  Yet, the murmuring 
began to stir that he was destroying morale in the FBI.

I could not see why.  He had tackled organized crime in the 
U.S. and Italy, and had linked the ADL to a Zionist 
Conspiracy linked to the International Bankers, responsible 
ultimately for all the World Wars, the Kennedy 
Assassination, and so on.  Indeed, he had made more 
progress against White Collar Crimes than all law 
enforcement that ever came before him.

Of course, with Webster gone, the dirty tricks happening to 
me at home in Santa Cruz started up full force again.  
Evidently, those with ties to organized crime and the 
National Security Establishment had a green light to 
complete their own agenda's now that Webster was out of 
the way.

Of course, as I have said, the Zionist Conspiracy and the 
Aryan Conspiracy, symbolized in the Project Paperclip 
Nazi's who were brought to the U.S. at the end of WWII, 
were ultimately all answering to the same people at the top, 
although each had their separate and conflicting agenda's.  
Nevertheless, in international crime, they often required 
each others support.

At the same time, the black Police Chief of Los Angeles 
was also DESTORYING MORALE.  It seems he also 
wanted to see the laws enforced equally for everyone and 
opposed racism in the LAPD.  At different times, Louis 
Tackwood, Fred Celeni, Mike Rothmiller and others have 
testified about the LAPD's secret police, how during 
Cointelpro they murdered people and later blamed the 
murders on the black panthers.  This group, like the faction 
in the FBI complaining about their Morale being 
DESTROYED (this group is also believed to be responsible 
for the bomb that blew up in the car of the Earth First 
protestors in the Bay Area) were all evidently linked to the 
Aryan (Fourth Reich) Supremacist fascist global 
conspiracy (responsible for the downing of Ron Brown's 
plane and Vince Foster's murder).   The 
HRT, the tactical group of FBI, were also linked to these 
white supremacists.  In fact, Koresh had tried to stop a 
methamphetamine lab and this is why his home was 
attacked.  He had gone to the local Sheriff due to the 
acts against women in his household threatening them,
coming from this 'secret group' manufacturing amphetamines.
The Methamphetamine Conspiracy is part of the 
Global Fourth Reich, project Paperclip group, and was 
used to set up many people I know.  I have first hand 
knowledge of the chemist, FBI counterintelligence agent, 
mobster who set up the amphetamine labs up and down the 
west coast.  He was a personal friend for years, until he went
crazy and threatened to kill his wife, at which time she 
stayed in a place where I had kept many of my belongings
and had access too.  During the year approximately that
she stayed there, she told me about the activities of her
husband for this 'super secret agency'.

This is how GuntherRussbacher and many other people
were set up to silence them  between 1985-1995.  

Anyhow, it seemed common that those who were not
supporting local covert racist activities and who 
were not part of the project paperclip/nazi/outlaw 
group seemed to be DESTROYING MORALE 
(despite the good job I believe we all were

Accusations of destroying morale by this Nazi group was in!
'Destroying Morale' became a popular attack technique by 
this group to attack those who were exposing their criminal 
activities.  It was the battle cry of those who did not want
their racist practices changed, or the use of their position to
fulfill personal and ulterior agenda's interfered with.

As with Danny Casolaro, we knew he was in great danger 
by what he was reporting, and within days he died.  So it 
was, William F. Sessions was the last knowledgeable 
trustworthy person law enforcement had left. It was obvious 
that he was going to be a target.  And so it was that Janet 
Reno got in office, and the first thing on her desk is the bit 
about Sessions receiving an electric fence gift, and how he 
cannot lead the FBI cause this somehow makes him a 
criminal.  The whole thing was laughable.  In fact, I guess
it can hardly be topped, unless we look at thousands of hours
of television news dedicated to allegations that the President
had sex with a consenting adult, and that he was not fully
forthcoming in talking about his sex life.

Meanwhile, the FBI agents who died in the explosion, the
Murrah group continued pressing forward with evidence 
about the underworld,; evidence about the Nazi's born of 
project paperclip, and evidence the ADL as a spy front for 
the Zionist Bankers.

Things were obviously getting dangerous.  Gotti was 
arrested and it was discovered that Italy was so entrenched 
with the mob, separating the mob from the Government 
would be near impossible.  Unfortunately, similar 
discoveries were being uncovered in the United States, 
regarding the Zionist Bankers, the Nazi/Fourth 
Reich/Project paperclip group linked to the CIA.  

Janet Reno, more ignorant that half the people on the street 
in Santa Cruz, had no idea what was going on.  Taking the 
complaints against Sessions, she pulled him off WACO 
(assuring that those aligned with the Methamphetamine 
Labs, FBI-HRT and Project Paperclip) would be able to 
silence those at WACO from disclosing what really went 
on.  Indeed, the HRT group used intimidation tactics - bad 
vibes - to undermine the negotiators from day one.  Quite 
successfully I might add, as I no doubt would not have 
trusted these people insinuating sly threats in the covert 
language of the Nazi's any more than David Koresh did.

Sessions was successfully eliminated and removed.  Janet 
Reno and Clinton had very little idea what was going on.  
Vince Foster had begun to investigate via Fred Celeni, and 
had met with an abrupt death as a warning to the President 
to stay out of CIA business.

The Zionist Bankers have the greatest control.  Their 
organizational structure was threatened by the FBI.  The 
Nazi's in the CIA were threatened.  All the records of who 
they were and where they were were kept in the Murrah 
Building.  The honest loyal FBI agents who were aware of 
the subterfuge at WACO and elsewhere were determined to 
pick up the ball, even without Sessions, and get that 

So it was.  No doubt those agents in the FBI were warned 
covertly, as were the ATF agents.  The Zionists figured by 
placing the blame on Right Wing Militia's, they could 
target armed resistance to a criminal takeover of the United 
States by these conflicting sometimes, but usually 
cooperative intelligence operatives who depend on each 
other to maintain their strength and power in the global 
criminal hierarchy.

Dave Emory and others have said that the Intelligence 
Agency acts when it can satisfy many agendas.  Asides 
from the obvious reason for this is the fact that by 
satisfying many agenda's no one is sure where to point the 

Historically however, when the Nazi's act alone in defiance 
of the bankers, the Whistle is blown on them.  Only when 
the Zionist Bankers feel that the Nazi actions will serve 
their ends (as in the JFK assassination) are they allowed to 
go forward.

The Murrah Building was blown up.  

The Zionist Conspiracy was safe.  The records of the Nazi's 
from project paperclip and their connections, and the 
investigations into them were destroyed.  Under Robert 
Gates, the CIA was rewarding the black ops guys and 
giving their free reign.  Those operatives and 
whistleblowers left were quickly silenced.  The Nazi's and 
their programs, such as methamphetamine distribution in 
the U.S. (complicit with factions of the mob) were safe.  
Gotti got his revenge against an FBI that imprisoned him.  
I would not doubt if an Mossad Operative hadn't collected 
a few million from Saddam Hussein leading him to believe 
it was all done for his sake (thus further confusing research 
into who did it, also).  

No doubt the Zionist Bankers wanted these FBI agents 
silenced.  They knew that the Nazi's would do it for them 
(as always) thus keeping their hands clean.  The Nazi's 
used their Elohim City racists, and this helped to paint the 
picture that we need to disarm the U.S. citizenry because 
we are all irresponsible nuts.

Meanwhile, the Holy Ghost, if you believe, engulfs me 
every time I think or write about this, and those Dead FBI 
agents are here with me now.  I swear this before God.

What I have given you is barely a skeleton of what I know.   
My personal experience alone are so long and complex as 
to make the Alger Hiss/Whitaker Chambers story seem 

There are many gray area's yet to be filled in.  The 
obstruction of justice in the BCCI case coming from the 
Department of Justice that resulted in one man taking the 
rap for a global intelligence operation.  The murder and 
intimidation of Judges and witnesses in the La Penca Case 
to arrive at a judgment satisfactory to the National Security 
Establishment. The death and injury to many of those 
involved in exposing these cases, including perhaps the 
most recent case of Congestive heart failure by Dave, 
Rayelane betrothed.   I am surrounded by personal 
acquaintances and mentors I respect who have suffered or 
died to put this picture together.

I myself am a nobody, written off as an uneducated, now 
unemployed and blacklisted person of dubious sanity 
whose remaining  associates are all terrorized into silence 
regarding these matters.

The escalating nature of covert action in the U.S., from the  
murder of Karen Silkwood and Jessica Savitch, to the 
inferno of harassment I have been subjected to, except 
during that window of time when Webster was director of 
Central Intelligence, and those practicing frame-ups and 
murders in the U.S. were temporarily on good behavior.

Yet what people refuse to believe now will only come back 
to  haunt them.  

While the Justice Department has been internally 
compromised for decades, Janet Reno obviously was 
manipulated by sophisticated double agents acting within 
the National Security Establishment and  for either the 
Zionist/Banker or Nazi/Fourth Reich conspiracies, as well 
as in collusion with organized crime.

President Clinton has been harshly criticized.  As a 
member of the National Security Establishment, he was not 
elevated to where he is for being a whistleblower.  Yet his 
direct conflict with the Zionist Agenda (the Israeli-
Palestinian peace accords and the  destruction of the 
Helicopter containing CIA, U.S. Military, and Kurdish 
Leaders) in promoting an American agenda for peace and 
justice, as well as his direct conflict with the Nazi/Fourth 
Reich agenda (sending Ron Brown and Adam Darling and 
others to Bosnia to rebuild, and stopping the Serbian 
ethnocide) places him  directly smack dab in the middle of 
representing an American  agenda for peace and justice 
above all.  His shortcomings are his loyalty to the CIA, and 
his incomplete awareness of ongoing events at the time he 
took office.  His reward for defying these groups has been 
the non-stop television series on MSNBC called President 
In Crisis taking something as small as allegations of a 
mutually concensual sexual affair and escalating that into 
the status formerly attributed only for the highest degrees 
of crime and treason.

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