The U.S. and the New World Order

               There are two causes for trivialized
               news media in the U.S. today, one which
               people will agree on, and the other
               which is at the heart of great debate.

               First, the easy one. The news deals 
               with trivia because it is safe. I 
               mean, if the news reported on what is
               going on in Israel with the Palestinians
               is reported any more than the surface
               events, i.e. some one was shot, etc; 
               there would be possible repurcussions
               from advertisers doing business with
               the news reporting business, and
               financial repurcussions might be 
               devastating.  So even in a supposedly
               free country like the U.S., our decisions
               based on our knowledge of events is 
               controlled to a great degree by special
               interest groups.

               Another example of this cause of trivia
               in the news is exemplified in every
               day life. If you bring up an issue 
               which is near and dear to many people
               it will often be the cause of heated
               debate. If you stick with trivia, 
               people get along much better.

               A specific example. Within three days of
               the Value-Jet crash, AP reported that
               the mechanic indicated a short
               going to the fuel pump, but this was
               written up as a faulty circuit breaker.
               The circuit breaker was replaced and the
               second one was bad, also. A third one
               was installed (get this) immediately 
               before takeoff that worked (tampered
               with to not break the circuit to get 
               the plane in the air?) and the plane 
               took off and crashed. 

               The story was killed immediately. No
               doubt looming lawsuits threatened 
               pursuit along this avenue, even though
               facts were the basis of it. The
               investigation focused on the very big
               airline issue of oxygen tanks, the 
               industry was thankful that the issue
               of oxygen tanks was addressed, and
               everyone was happy. Criminal wrong-
               doing never became an issue. The 
               news wire's got all the story value 
               with no liability. Five weeks into the
               crash, a byline story indicated some-
               one had stolen the fusebox from the
               wreckage collected.

               That's it for the "let's take the easy
               path and not step on any toes" style
               of reporting news. 

               More controversial is the conspiracy
               theory. This theory has it that the
               conspirators control the media with 
               specific objectives, those at this time
               being, to divide and conquer the U.S. 
               with petty issues to prevent a concensus
               regarding major issues. A concensus
               would only interfere with already 
               ordained plans of men (conspirators).

               The conspiracy theory of History is 
               well documented in the Unseen Hand by
               A. Ralph Epperson, an professor of 
               History in Arizona. 

               He documents, using past authors and 
               private letters of legislators, 
               conspiratorial patterns and groups.
               A brief overview is as follows: The 
               wealthy bought up all the grain in 
               France causing the mass starvation that
               led to the French Revolution and the
               execution of Marie Antoinette who was
               blamed for the grain shortage, even
               though others caused it with the 
               specific intent of removing her and the
               king from their office.  This was 
               perpetrated by special wealthy interest
               seeking to remove the King and Queen
               as rulers of France.

               The global economic cartel of the 1700's
               created national debts, and forced
               compliance with payment of these debts,
               by perpetrating wars against any who 
               would not pay up on time. 

               The American Revolution was strategic
               to their cause because otherwise 
               England would be too powerful to 
               threaten, and thus too powerful to
               force to pay debts, perhaps debts
               incurred as the direct result of
               subversive and criminal pressures
               on government leaders.

               The War of 1812 was initiated as 
               America started to get too strong and
               was not indebted sufficiently. In Fact 
               in 1811 the Central Bank which had been
               created had ended its usefulness to 
               Americans, but not to the International
               Bankers. It was dissolved and the only
               way the International Bankers could 
               control and centralize the U.S. 
               economy was by starting a war: hence
               the war of 1812.

               The Spanish-American war was perpetrated
               both to keep the U.S. in debt, and to
               keep America from getting too strong
               too control. Other than causing some
               national debt it was a failure to these

               Finally, when it was realized that no
               country could stand up to the U.S., the
               International Bankers financed and
               plotted the succession of the South.
               The idea was that since no country 
               could be used to threaten the U.S.A.,
               The U.S.A. would be split and forced to
               fight itself.  As history tells us,
               this ended in the victory by the North.
               Abraham Lincoln refused to deal with the
               International Bankers and allowed the
               Federal Government to create U.S. Notes.
               For this he was assassinated.

               WWI has many factors going into it. 
               Primary but hidden was the tug of war
               for global domination between banking
               and trading (shipping) institutions on
               one side, and on the other side stood
               the industrialists who controlled
               industry and resources. Both profited
               greatly from wars, Banks because of the
               debts incurred by nations, and industry
               for the profit from building the 
               machinery of war, and then rebuilding 
               the war-torn area's. By this time the
               Bilderbergers were also concerned with
               dissolving existing cultures and 
               creating new cultures amenable to
               the fasciestic hierarchy of the 
               corporate structure used in industry.
               What better way to reprogram a whole
               society than by destroying everything 
               that was its roots to the past.

               About now oil was becoming important,
               and the Rockefellers owned all the 
               wells in production. The Rothchilds 
               decided to buy in, so they bought the 
               oil rights in Russia. To knock out the
               competition, the Rockefellers financed
               the Bolshevik Revolution, causing the
               property in Russia of the Rothchilds to
               be nationalized.

               World War II saw more profits for the
               banks and industrialists, but not 
               enough.  In the "Unseen Hand" Mr. 
               Epperson documents how International
               Bankers coerced Roosevelt to agree
               to involving the U.S. in the War.  
               Details regarding the deliberate 
               failure to warn the Military of the
               strike planned against Pearl Harbor,
               and the preparations to assure devastation
               and outrage by the attack, by our own
               government under pressure from the global
               economic cartel.

               As General Patton complained, the Korean
               War was being prolonged for no reason,
               assuming the publicly given reasons 
               for the war were the real reasons, which
               they were not. The Viet Nam war was 
               similar. International Banking 
               Institutions could only control the 
               U.S. by getting it deeper into debt, so
               that War was started. Special interests
               in the U.S. like the corporations and
               the Military Industrial complex had 
               been addicted to the gravy train that
               the cycles of wars produced, and went
               along with it. Not only would industry
               profit, but control of the Tungsten and
               Rubber was quite an attractive morsel.

               John F. Kennedy took two actions within
               days of his death. Realizing what was
               going on, he signed papers to call back
               the U.S. advisors in Viet Nam, and 
               authorizing the U.S. to again do what
               had not been done since Lincoln's time:
               to print U.S. Notes. Outraged, the
               International Bankers did not poison
               Kennedy in his sleep, but blew his
               brains out in front of the World as a
               direct threat to all future presidents
               of the United States.

               The Monica Lewinsky story was brought
               to President Clinton while he was in
               the meeting with Netanyahu. This was
               a threat (from the same coalition that
               cheered the assassination of Yitzhak
               Rabin) of trouble for Clinton if he was
               not a team player with Netanyahu willing
               to ignore justice for the Palestinians
               in the Middle East.

               Indeed, today Americans think the anti-
               Clinton stuff all comes from the Right,
               and the anti-gun stuff all comes from 
               the left; unaware that under plans for
               a one world government run by these
               International Bankers and 
               leaders of Industry, keeping the 
               American Public unaware of their 
               manipulations by masking them as efforts
               from the left and from the right is the
               strategy to dissassemble the 
               Constitution once and for all, and make
               America like most countries, a caste 
               system clearly defined: the elite, and
               the poor. Indeed, a much simpler way
               to control a planet for a few psycho-
               paths than having to deal with laws
               which they consider themselves above 

               So there you have it. The powers that
               be (not Clinton, for the President of
               the United States has very little 
               power) do not wish for Americans to
               thnks about real issues. They would
               rather manipulate legislators and events
               to cause the ends they have preordained.
               The media will poo-poo the conspiracy
               theory, for the charges are very very
               serious. Washington has already become
               tainted, knowing much more than it tells
               the public. The public is viewed more
               and more as too stupid to even contend
               with real issues, and the more the news
               gives us OJ Simpson and Clinton's 
               Sexual Preferences, the more their
               conclusion regarding American Stupidity
               becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
                                             Date: Apr 12 1998

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