Another point of view

This is not to excuse the acts of Saddam Hussein 
towards the Kurds, the Kuwaiti's, or Israeli's.  This 
is presented as a reminder that the U.S.  and Israel 
have both committed much greater crimes and that 
the demonizing of Saddam is out of proportion 
to his acts.  The acts of Israel in the last 50 years 
towards the Arabs have resulted in as much 
death and injury if not more than anything Saddam 
has done, and unlike Saddam's actions, cannot be 
justified by immediate threats.  The United States 
has experimented on people with radiation in the 
Port Chicago and other experiments.  We have 
blasted away a community of men, women and 
children in Waco in what may be viewed simply as
persecution resulting of lifestyle choices.  We 
have engaged in protecting the importation and
selling of drugs at high levels while engaging in 
illegal acts that go beyond the law in persecuting and 
punishing users.  We destroyed seven blocks of a
black community with bombs and fire (MOVE) 
with a flimsy cover-up saying that some of the adults
among them were involved with drugs, and this was
in Philadephia.  Yet most Americans are completely
ignorant of this, because the victims were black.  Yet 
they are ready to vilify the leader of a culture that has 
been lied to, cheated, ripped off, divided and tyrannized 
by big oil interests for a hundred years, although he
has acted in self defense with his life in jeopardy of
assassination by covert forces for some 30 years, 
and in defense of his people, reduced to slavery and
oppression fomented to serve big oil interests.
Philadelphia cannot make those claims! 

The act of decrying crimes of others as a 
technique of diverting attention from crimes we 
as a society are responsible for is in itself 
irresponsible at best.  

Imagine a synopsis of these events.  The CIA and 
drug trafficking, the October Surprise (paying the 
Iranians to keep the Americans hostage in order to 
get Reagan elected), the conspiracies to murder 
JFK, RFK MLK.  The deaths of John Lennon, 
Bunny A., Gene Roddenberry, Bill Graham, Jerry 
Garcia, Vince Foster, Paul Wilcher, Danny 
Casolaro and so many others who made a serious 
effort to expose Machivellian deceptions after 
covert agenda's were made so clear during the War 
on Iraq.  A nation where global conspirators had 
acted to create the government and fomented 
the issues facing it.  

A government, like all others in the Middle East, 
manipulated sell out the people to oil corporations 
and use the money to buy used weapons, this to 
keep the Middle East nations buying old technology 
with the money from oil that could have been used 
to feed, educate and heal people.  The U.S., 
manipulated by the global economic cartel, helped 
to create Saddam's government and enslave the 
Iraqi people to destitution and tyranny.  Then we 
gave the green light to Saddam to invade Kuwait 
just so we could condemn him for an act no worse
than invasions in the Falklands, Grenada, Panama 
and Beirut; all which were summarily excused as 
righteous causes by an application of double 

Indeed, the Middle East nations have not used 
subterfuge to engage the U.S.  in wars, to keep the 
U.S.  indebted, to force the U.S.  to create a 
Central Bank and then the Federal Reserve, to stop 
the U.S.  from coining its own money (as the 
Constitution requires), to instigate depressions to 
loot savings of Americans, and all the rest of the 
crimes history serves up when you learn the actual, 
not the revisionist accounts.  Yet for charging less 
for oil that is charged for drinking water, the Zionist 
media machine has brainwashed Americans that 
Israel, a fascist apartheidt state is our friend and 
Iraq is not.  

Right wingers with a wink and a nod have 
supported this act of treason to assure their own 
profits.  Iraq was always friendly to the U.S.  and 
willing to negotiate fairly.  Iraq never had any role 
in attempting to subvert the Constitution, spy on 
American citizens, or covertly control our 
government.  Yet we in the U.S.  are now 
convinced they are some kind of threat, or enemy! 
Saddam could have been viewed just as easily as a 
hero.  His War Crimes are not as devastating as our 
own war on drugs, and are typically similar to acts 
committed by all governments to suppress 
dissension: an act of self defense against disgruntled 
minorities engaging in terrorism against the Iraqi 
government.  Saddam thought he worked with the 
International Community in having sought an OK 
from the U.S.  through April Glaspie to take back 
Kuwait, part of Iraq before International Bankers 
sponsored their independence for the sole purpose 
of gaining greater control over oil wealth and 
furthering the divide and conquer atrocity in the 
Middle East.  Saddam thought he had U.S. approval 
before starting to engage in a war against what he 
saw as puppets of a banking cartel stealing Iraqi oil 
and using economic warfare to destroy Iraq while 
using covert action internally to keep Iraq at war 
with her neighbors, and using military strikes by 
Israel to prevent Iraq from keeping pace with the 
Western World.  

The blatant double standard of the U.S. shadowy
support in arming Israel with nuclear weapons and
justifying genocidal acts when Iraq supposedly 
attempts to gain equal status.

He could be seen as a man struggling to stop the 
covert and heinous crimes that have divided and 
tyrannized the people of the Middle East for over a 
100 years by those wishing to secure the wealth 
from Middle East Oil at any cost to human life and 
justice and truth.  

Meanwhile, those who continue in the efforts to 
reduce the worlds systems of justice to police 
forces tyrannizing the Earth's population as thugs 
for multi-national corporations and banking 
institutions, and their subsidiary insurance 
companies, drug companies, and educational 
systems full of revisionist history and deliberate 
failures intended to propagate their own existence 
(case in point, the 50's war against phonetics 
which pushed Americans into greater illiteracy for 
the sake of text book companies who would profit 
by this).  

For those who say American youth don't know 
right from wrong, blame the 'moral majority', that 
has rampantly tread on our Bill of Rights and 
crucified entire American sub-cultures for 
exercising their right to self determination.  The 
Moral Majority that has attempted to install a 
fascism in place of our Republic; a Moral Majority 
that has turned a blind eye to the Military Industrial 
Complex as it has in turn acted as an accomplice in 
indebting the U.S., perpetrating lies to the media, 
concealing organized crime, and much more to 
satisfy the International Bankers on whose payroll 
they depend.  

American youth has seen the hypocritical 
opposition to the values we teach regarding the 
Constitution and human rights, and the 
devastation in the real world for those who elect to 
be individuals and make their own choices and take 
responsibility for their own life; often targeted and 
crippled for their failure to conform to the 
utterances of deceiving phrases and glory of 
heinous acts.  

How can American Youth know right from wrong, 
When police chiefs think that self medicating with 
pot is in the same class as mugging and robbing 
somebody?  When the U.S. has opposed the entire
world supporting the Israeli apartheidt system and
obstructing justice for the Palestinians.  Why you 
wonder, to kiss ass to the International Bankers who
hope to destroy our Constitution as soon as possible.

Many Americans still know right from wrong, and 
do not confuse right and wrong with who has been 
criminalized and who has not.  Often, those who are 
criminalized, are done so by selective enforcement 
of laws, to stymie their efforts to expose much 
greater crimes.  

With the death of JFK, Johnson was a reluctant yes 
man for fascism.  After him Nixon was an all out 
cheer-leader for the same fascism.  

Nixon figures prominently in the introduction of all 
the horrors we used to accuse the Soviet 
Government of perpetrating on their people.  

Jimmy Carter tried to stop the downward spiral and 
was quickly silenced by the media.  Ronald Reagan, 
ignorant of what was going on, became an excellent 
puppet for criminal conspirators from different 
camps engaging in political agenda's for their own 
gain, concealed by a superficial left vs right 
dialogue in the media that evaded the issues and 
falsely portrayed the events of the time.  

Today, instead of common sense, we roll out the 
red carpet for the squeaky wheels that do not 
threaten corporate interests, writing laws to abide 
the whims of the highest bidder, and practicing 
deception with a deliberateness that would have 
caused an outrage in the 60's.  Legislating 
meaningless conflicting laws by itself creates 
sufficient confusion to disable the body politic from 
facing and contending with the much larger issues 
we must face as a nation, and as the world

Ultimately, IF we had been against Saddam invading
Kuwait, when when he asked if it was OK, we should 
have said 'NO', not, 'we don't take a position'.  The 
fact is that the International Bankers with the aid of the
U.S. are responsible for setting Saddam up to invade

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