Tornado, earthquakes and covert activities!!!

I am updating this page as a wealth 
of information has been covered by
the Rumor Mill News Service regarding HAARP.
It seems that this technology is being 
used to trigger the school shootings 
as well as earthquakes and tornado's.
The shooting have followed within 
150 miles of a line described by Rumor 
Mill of a HAARP satellite path.  Furthermore 
radar is picking up disturbances believed 
to be related to HAARP activities.

Some of the tornados and earthquakes 
we are seeing are not the result of 
natural causes, but the result of 
modern technology being used as a 
form of warfare, disguised to prevent 
retaliation.  The primary intent is
to divert those who would otherwise
engage in exposing the Conspiracy.
Other intents range from economic 
to socio-political.

HAARP is a satellite system that is 
capable of transmitting energy to 
the Earth in various forms.  This 
energy can be used to create crop-
circles, earthquakes, tornados and
as part of mind control to trigger 
shootings like the proliferation of 
recent shootings we have seen to 
manipulate the masses into rescinding 
our Constitution.

I suspect the first Earthquake of this 
type was the Loma Prieta Quake of 
1989 near Santa Cruz.  Oddly, a 
strange vibration was detected prior 
to the quake.

The Aurora Project (HAARP) may be 
akin to the technology used to 
create tornadoes.  Much 
experimentation has been done 
towards weather control using 
magnetism to influence meteorology.  

The crop circles are too varied and 
irregular to represent the landing of 
alien craft.  While many may be the 
result of farmers wishing to get rich 
off spectators and curiosity seekers, 
scientists have confirmed electro-
magnetic residues in the vicinity of 
the crop circles, which keeps their 
origins open to wider speculation.  

Such covert warfare has the purpose 
of diverting populations and 
governments from issues at hand to 
emergencies.  Much in the same way 
a debate involves diverting the 
audiences attention from an issue 
to Ďsound bytesí.  This 'modus 
operandi' of diversion is used 
constantly these days to control 
the news media and public focus.

Where the government is dependent
on an educated populace, altering
education with diversions and
manufactured news is one means for 
controlling the government and 
controlling the masses.
Individual blackmail and bribery 
as well as socially engineered 
conflicts remain the secondary 
means of controlling the government 
when the truth and the facts present 
positions contrary to the interests 
of those wishing to exert control.  
It goes without saying, all of these 
means are effected usually by financial
support of some kind.

Many of my colleagues believe that 
the fires in Laguna and Hollywood in 
the early 90ís were diversions: fires 
deliberately started by groups who 
had an agenda of diverting actors 
from engaging in research to produce
exposťís, to dealing with personal 

In much the same way as groups are
targeted, so are individuals who are
outstanding and outspoken.  I suspect 
OJ Simpson & Nicole were also victims 
of a covert criminal attack designed
to satisfy a multitude of agendas. 
Racist agendas against inter-racial
marriages by inducing more fear;
further silencing of Hollywood 
individuals using their wealth for
humanitarian and social causes;  
diverting social consciousness to 
racist frustrations of divided classes
of people; satisfying a personal agenda
of some criminal against both OJ and
Nicole, and who knows what else.  

At a time when America was going through
its own "Perestroika", the murder of
Nicole successfully diverted the public
focus from all our dirty laundry 
including BCCI, the Savings and Loan
scandals, the CIA and drug running,
secret negotiations with Iran to
hold Americans hostage to assure
Reagans election, AIDS as a by-
product of biological warfare 
research, and so on to nothing but
OJ and his dead wife.  Imagine the
pain for OJ with his wife murdered and
him being blamed for it.  For those 
who have any doubt that Nicole was 
murdered by the LAPD, I suggest you 
read my page titled Vince Foster.

Nicole's accidental murder was 
used to divert the media attention 
and implement a social division by 
increasing racial tensions.  Thus
the news media was able to take the 
spotlight off already exposed 
criminal conspiracies.

Much better to divide and conquer 
than having the news focus the 
American Publicís thought on covert
activities and corruption in 

Nicole's murder may have 
attended an agenda of a personal 
nature as well, relating to her use
of cocaine.  Similarly, the failure
of OJ to be fully forthcoming, presumed
by some as evidence of guilt was no
doubt the result of the fact that his
and Nicole's lifestyle had put them 
in a compromised position where they 
could be criminally assaulted by 
others who knew they could use this 
to smokescreen their own crimes.

The riots following the Rodney King
trial were another example of 
covert action.  Racists in the L.A. 
Secret Police squad, known for some 
30 years forits activities all over 
the U.S. including murder and framing 
of individuals for these murders
were somehow involved.  For all of
those of you in this group who do
not use the color of law to engage
in criminal activities and personal
agenda's, my condolences.  I am 
sure that there are plenty of honest
cops in this group: I however am
referring to the crooked ones that
have built a reputation equal to 
that of the underworld).   A book 
called "Blood Carnage" by Alex
Constantine describes how the
riots were caused covertly using
Molotov Cocktails and such to 
start the rioting.  Naturally, the
main purpose was to divert the media
attention from law enforcement run
amuck and focus on law enforcement
in an environment of a minority
run amuck.  Two off-duty national
guardsmen were caught throwing the
Molotov Cocktails at the start of
the riots by the honest LAPD 
officers, but the incident was 
covered up by crooked and criminal
higher ups. 

The same LAPD team (again my apologies
to honest cops in this group who may
feel that the acts of some rotten
apples is casting horrid aspersions
on the entire group) was responsible 
for inciting riots at Elysian Park 
in the '60's (Easter '66, '67, '68
and '69)and beating up hippies
in unwarranted acts of violence.
I was there and watched while 8mm
movies were taken in secrecy, only
to be destroyed by the developer.
In fact, we waited for the film for
months and when it was not returned,
we threatened with lawsuits if it
was not returned as it contained
irrefutable evidence witnessed by
myself and others of these crimes.
After our complaint, a reel of over-
exposed 8mm movie film was given
to us.

The same group is responsible for
framing the Black Panthers in the
60's.  The same group is responsible
for a covert war targeting a Black 
Chief of Police of Los Angeles.  This
man put his foot down about racist 
behavior in the LAPD, and was 
subsequently accused of destroying 
morale.  He was spied on and set up 
using the type of petty charges that 
can be used on anyone if they are 
covertly targeted, but otherwise are 
never enforced.  What is known as 
selective enforcement of the laws.
The primary tool of criminals to
protect themselves, using corrupt
agents within the government to attend
their criminal agendas.

Mae Brussel, before she was murdered
with the fastest acting Lymph 
Cancer her doctor had ever seen,
presented many exposes regarding this
group.  She presented a mountain of
evidence that Charlie Manson worked 
as snitch and a thug for this corrupt
police unit.  They also are responsible
for the creation of the fabled 
Symbionese Liberation Army that 
kidnapped Patty Hearst.  In short,
two agents put together a band of
radicals, and then summarily executed
them in the famous L.A. shootout.

In March of 2000 we hear of 40 cases 
overturned where people had been 
convicted with false testimony and 
evidence created by the police.
Over 200 more cases of people sitting 
in prison are up for review.  
Nearly a hundred officers are 
implicated in a string of 
murders and frame-ups.

And I'll bet you that this is 
only the tip of the iceberg!!!

We have entered a new age of 
subterfuge, and only by education 
and awareness will we be able to 
deal swiftly with these matters and 
prevent them from being used to 
control the destination of our future.

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