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United States

Raising the Sword of Truth!

Written in 1998 with minor updates since then.

You shall know me on these pages
as Eoroneth.  
Contained herein are keen insights
into truths too often concealed
by conventional media.
Some of the materials on these pages
are reprinted from Conspiracy Nation.
For my own works all rights are 
reserved though you may freely read 
these pages, or copy for personal
use and/or free distribution.
Publishers who wish to use my essays
and poetry (not yet online) may 
contact me at the email on any page, 
or may page me at (831) 588-2017.

Politicians would not get elected
if they told it like it is and 
our media is PAID to tell it like
they want us to think it is.  We
the people are now on our own!
We must rely on each other and 
our sharing of information.  
Jimmy Carter tried to tell it 
like it was, but I believe he 
was tarred and feathered by the 
media for telling people what they
needed to know to make an informed
decision.  He was also unpopular 
because he hired Stansfield Turner 
as Director of Central Intelligence 
with explicit instructions to redirect
the CIA toward missions for our National
Security and not for drug running 
cartels and criminal self interest.  
People chose Ronald Reagan's
'something for nothing' promises 
(borrowing trillions of dollars
at usurious rates from people who
print it out of thin air and 
then selling out our sovereignty 
in deals with the plutocracy).
Of course, he wasn't crooked which 
is why he was shot and later 
poisoned.  Ronald Reagan was truly
the Republican ideal (speaking 
positively) representing liberty 
and justice at the individual level 
which is the ONLY real level such 
things can exist on.

My works are done in the spirit
of the Free Presses that existed
in the 1960's, like the "Oracle"
of San Francisco, and the "Los
Angeles Free Press" and my 
favorite, "Open City" (another
Los Angeles Free Newspaper that
featured the great Charles Bukowski
column, 'Notes of a Dirty Old 

Love, kindness and understanding 
have been usurped by selfishness,
one-step-upmanship and a new kind
of smart that requires looking at
people as suckers to be taken
advantage of.  Greed and white 
collar crime have become the fascist 
tools for getting ahead in our 
society.  Everywhere you turn 
people tell you to 'create an 
appearance' rather than encourage 
you to be who you are. 
The belief that society must be 
conformist and homogeneous is 
the basis for many so-called honest 
and legitimate special interest 
groups. These groups serve the white
collar criminals of a truly 
Machievellian society.  Masking their
agenda's which are a myriad of petty 
tyrannies to distract people, they 
engage in a process of subverting 
the guarantees of liberty and 
justice we all strive and hope for. 
Of course, there still are people 
capable of thinking and reasoning;
people who are kind and understanding, 
and do not require everyone to look and
act just like they do.  However, 
terrorist stalking gangs using covert
terrorist techniques are quickly 
destroying them.

The attacks and misinformation 
against Vitamin C and Vitamin E 
are a part of stopping us as a 
people from being responsible for 
our own health.  Instead, the 
government as puppets for the 
plutocracy choose to hand control 
of our lives and health over to a 
machinery intent on making money,
first and foremost.  We are told 
that the financial consideration 
is a sine quo non of the medical 
establishment and must be 
accepted.  We are then told each 
of us is not competent to learn 
to care for ourselves and therefore 
must defer to what these 
medical establishments choose 
for us.  In their greed they 
rarely care for anything beyond 
their own personal agenda's and 
those within the medical establishment 
who do care are ostracized and 
punished, if their superior 
therapies threaten useless 
money making surgeries that 
have been shown to be worthless.

Corrupt and ignorant government 
officials with their broken 
insurance companies force these 
broken medical establishments down 
our throats then move to outlaw natural 
herbs and foods that heal (while 
permitting corporate poisoning 
of our environment and our food 
chain, again to fulfill
financial agenda's of greed.) 

In the United States many of us 
believe that this agenda is deliberate 
and intentional genocide, slow 
but sure, intended to reduce our 
nation to destitution and poverty.

We are effectively being deceived
and poisoned.  We have been 
criminalized for defending ourselves.  
This is the plutocracy's attack on our 
right to life.  Of course, the monies  
are turned over to the Federal Reserve
when we die off sooner and don't 
collect Social Security.  This has 
been explicitly stated in "Protecting 
Our Money" published by the Federal 
Reserve and calling for methods to 
cause Americans to die off sooner.

The garbage about a certain dose 
of Vitamin C after which you 
get diarrhea is misleading.
In fact, you do get diarrhea at 
a certain dose, but that dose 
changes with the change of 
availability.  That is, as your 
body has more Vitamin C available, 
your body adapts and utilizes 
the extra vitamin C.  Therapeutic 
healing doses are from 
2000 to 10000 milligrams a 
day and must be balanced in 
the diet, and these are the 
doses they are trying to 
outlaw.  Also, be warned, that 
one should never take megadoses of 
Vitamin C that is bufferred.  Use 
only pure Vitamin C and then always
take Vitamin E also.

We are at a turning point, and I hope 
to fill the void where once there
was empathy but now there is 
ignorance and apathy.
Too often I see that the same 
people who will quickly send young 
men to war or drop bombs on cities 
feel it is beneath them, or simply 
too frustrating to talk about real 
issues needing attention.  Yet these 
same people will quickly resort to 
violence and terrorism to suppress 
those who do discuss these issues and 
usually without fear of recrimination 
from the justice system, unless the 
person attacked is rich, powerful or 
charismatic... but these people are
typically invulnerable even if they
commit heinous crimes, especially if
they exercise a little stealth in
doing so and are not outsiders to 
the oligarchy despite their wealth.
The oligarchy has systematically 
taken control of the right and the 
left and use the two parties to 
prevent the exercise of reason 
in politics.
Some right wingers see me as a left
winger and left wingers see me as
a right winger.  I see the right and
left today both as pawns of the 
global conspiracy that has robbed
indiginous peoples, enslaved countries
under hired despots and sold their
peoples and resources to multi-
national corporations that have no
respect for human rights or the
environment.  I see the dividing
lines not between the right and the
left, but between libertarians and
Freedom and justice are inextricably 
linked with the right of self 
determination.  Choices about healing, 
cultural behaviors, religious beliefs 
all belong to the individual.  Every
group that fails to respect the 
right of an individual to make his
or her own free choice is essentially 
That is, there is a valid warrant 
to show cause from the plaitiff 
to the defendents: the crime of 
masterminding the robbing of 
peoples rights surreptitiously.
Self determination does not 
include activities that involve 
environmental or economic
subterfuge or acts that cause 
injury to another person or 
persons. Causing unavoidable 
harm to society either by acts
of violence against others or 
nature does not constitute self
determination.  Thus it is when 
governments attempt to force you 
to take medications from someone
with financial priorities at 
stake, while making it illegal 
for you to select your own 
medications, the government is 
the criminal.
I think the media along with economic
powers have falsely divided the people
of the World in a divide and conquer
strategy.  People group for safety
like herding animals into false and 
inconsistent camps with respect to
reason and integrity.
These camps are controlled each to 
serve their ordained agenda's by the
powers that be.  Conflicts are 
manufactured to divert and confuse
people from the real issues of our
times.  Specific groups are allowed
concessions only when they serve
hidden and unseen agendas.
Most issues are easily resolved by 
putting yourself in the shoes of the
person involved.  If a criminal 
threatens to kill you, I am sure 
that you would not think it a criminal
act to carry a gun to defend yourself:
so why criminalize others for this?
Yet we have a war about guns that has
nothing to do with guns but with people,
a war that has been perpetrated by a
deliberate dumping of guns into the
hands of frustrated angry persecuted
individuals in a deliberate effort 
to create violent crimes that will 
result in public acceptance for the
revocation of our right to bear arms.
If you so stressed you come home 
and smoke a joint to relax (instead 
of taking a toxic synthetic poison 
that makes drug companies rich), is 
it right for society to classify you 
as a criminal, destroy your family, 
steal your personal and real property, 
take away your freedom, haunt you, nag
you, abuse you incessantly and
injure you?  No, clearly, if there
was a crime here, which there is 
not, the punishment is many times
worse than any crime committed.
Yet that is what the evil ones and
their false "do-gooder" pawns are 
up to.  Those who are perpetrating 
these punitive actions are criminals 
no different from the mugger in the 
alley-way, except that they have a 
bigger gang.  Often, they are not 
as reasonable or as logical, but 
indeed like any stifled mind have 
brainwashed themselved with 
repeated rhetoric.
Another case: some people condemn
gays.  Now, if you were born with an
attraction to the same sex, would it
be right for society to require you 
to lie, or denounce your real feelings?
Some use Jesus as their excuse for 
persecuting gays, but I am sure Jesus
would not want anyone denying who 
they are: that is lying!  The words 
are 'love thy neighbor' and 'cast ye the 
first stone who is without sin'.  But 
how many so-called Christians are kind 
and loving to gay people and how many 
try and make their lives miserable 
and worse because they do not share 
their feelings.  The argument some 
will make with respect to disease is
also faulted.  All human contact 
involves risk of disease, and it is
up to individuals to exercise caution,
to be informed and honest to avoid 
these problems.  The solution is not
one segment of society imposing tyranny
over another segment of society.
When speaking of disease, one must 
face sooner or later that the threat 
of epidemics does not come from 
gays, it comes from a banking system 
and a military industrial complex 
that have designed and tested biological 
weapons for 50 years for the purpose 
of enslaving the planet and destroying 
the United States with economic debt.
Like those who rationalize environmental
destruction for their own profit, 
those who claim religious reasons
to persecute alternative cultures 
are people who create contention.
Neither love nor religious beliefs
support the propagation of hate.
Contention over lifestyle choices is 
not to stop people's tyranny over 
people, such as murder and robbery, 
but to enslave and take away free 
choice!  With justice, each of us
must respect the rights of others
to build a society where our rights
will be respected.
Recently, Lee Brown, the drug czar, 
said the "role of government is to 
protect the people from dangers such
as drugs".  Vin answered him, "No, the
role of Government is to protect our
In Kona, Hawaii not long ago, local
government cut off funding for 
emergency medical helicopters.  When
a friend of mine wrote a letter to
the editor asking how come we could
afford helicopters searching for pot
but not for medical emergencies, the 
local government was so embarrassed 
they restored funding for emergency 
medical emergency helicopters.
That's how it is.  We are all going 
to have to drive every issue, and 
expose every absurdity, one by one, 
to make a difference.
So I have my own idea's, and they 
are not centrist.  I do not believe 
in compromising with criminals or 
yeilding to their terrorist acts.
I think there is a simple right and
wrong, and that our modern societies
have lost sight of these values.  
The media encourages confusion for 
their own short term gains and 
the requirements of their bosses, but 
sooner or later their lies will catch
up with them.  MSNBC hides the truth
on all major issues from the public,
denying the public's right to know,
then have their experts slam fists
on tables and repeat, 'the public
has a right to know'!
Check out the links to the sites of
others I have chosen, and to the 
other sites I have created.  You
may learn a lot there.  Email me and
tell me what you think!
Corporate Culture has become a buzz 
word to legitimize discrimination 
against those who do not go along 
with the unethical and often 
criminal acts of corporations.  
Dishonesty in corporations is 
paralleled only by their disregard 
for our lives and our liberty and 
our environment.
While we believe in human rights 
in Kosovo, we don't seem to think 
them important in Lebanon, Iraq 
or for the Palestinians.
Ethnic cleansing in the U.S. is 
done by economically cutting off 
an individual or a group.  
People are prevented from getting
employment, covertly blacklisted.
Following the assault on a person 
by the corporate criminals, their 
follow up mafia of credit agencies 
and bureacracies proceed to 
badger these unemployed people to 
death while other criminals engage in 
non stop assaults of violent sound 
bytes intended to destroy and kill.  
Guess what folks?  It is all done 
with impunity.  Agencies to protect 
us from injustice in the workplace 
or help us find jobs are little 
more than self serving gangs that 
kow-tow to other gangs as necessary 
and neglect the individual and say 
it is not their problem when the 
truth of a situation is presented to
them.  Indeed, telling you to lie 
is about all these help-groups can
do for a person:  look like this, 
smile like that, don't say this, 
don't say that...
Don't be yourself. 
Don't alarm the masses who are 
lulled into passivity while 
atrocities are perpetrated in 
their name by their authority. 
But the destruction of human rights 
starts with the destruction of 
individual rights and the herding 
of everyone into groups that can be 
Nevertheless, I know I've got that
power of the boy who pointed out that
the king is wearing no clothes, and
in a matter of time the words of 
truth for which I am a steward will 
gain the recognition presently
obscured and totally deserved!
Know this to be true.

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