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All that is gold does not glitter

Why the Mallard.  Well, because 
birds are symbols of Freedom 
and everyone else is using the Eagle 
so I thought I would be different.  
Also, at the time I created this page 
in 1998 I was homeless and without 
resources and the Mallard was an available
digital photo.  Recently I checked and 
it was gone.  I went to fix it but it 
was back?  If you don't see it, don't 
worry!  If you do see it, click it and 
drag the cursor across it to see the 
pool mirror class of Java in action.

This was intended as an newspaper of 
sorts but I could not afford a php 
site and this became too large to manage.
Nevertheless, I keep it and shall someday 
link it to a php driven site for updates.
For now, the intent is to invoke Imladris, 
as described below.  We are in a time when 
humanity can take the wisdom of the information 
age and create a new paradise, or we can allow 
greedy psychopaths to drive the world into 
slavery and a new dark ages.  This page is 
dedicated to those of us who care about 
making a difference.

What is Imladris?  This is a 
reference to an ancient city in the 
fictional trilogy of J.R.R. Tolkien, 
"The Lord of the Rings".  I am 
complimented in a left handed kind of 
way by the producers of the "Lord 
Of the Rings" movies (started 
after this page was up) in that 
they discovered my web site and not 
wanting to offend their friends with 
deep pockets completely failed to 
mention the name Imladris thoughout 
the movie, using the common name, 
"Rivendell" instead.  That's OK.  I 
the fires lit on the mountaintop reached
into the heart and souls of the great 
men and women who produced and starred in 
the movie.

For you Tolkien fans who are wondering
what this has to do with Imladris, and
for those of you who are not Tolkien 
fans and haven't the slightest what 
Imladris is, here goes:

In the last years of the third age
great evil shadowed Middle Earth.  
Imladris was one of the three great
cities of the high elves that 
remained.  Lothlorien to the east 
existed in secrecy.  The Grey Havens
to the west was an outpost from which
elves departed their once great empire,
now fallen and never to return.  

In Imladris the high elves realized 
their age was gone, and the age of man,
the 4th age, was about to begin.  
While they could not restore their
lost glory, neither could they allow
Middle Earth to fall under the shadow
of the evil that darkened the land.
So, in Imladris gathered the King of 
Men, one of the last Wizards, and
representatives of Elves, Dwarves,
and Hobbits.  In Imladris they 
gathered and strategized means for 
impeding the evil that would soon 
rise to power.

At this web site I hope to recreate 
Imladris for those of us who care.
To draw together the wise and caring
to meet and plan how we, as they did
back then, can destroy the evil Ring
of Power, forged by the Dark Lord.

The plutocratic cartel has 
deliberately  driven to extinction 
the remains of indigenous cultures 
(living in harmony with nature) 
touting science, progress, justice 
and God with self righteousness.  
Yet science has become prostituted 
to big money which can force 
researchers to skew their studies 
to any ends which are deemed 
profitable.  Justice continues to 
be compromised by expedience 
and oriented toward redeeming 
those with financial power and 
treading on those whose financial 
clout has been embezzled and whose 
lives have been marred with tragedy 
and injustice.
One must question those who 
claim to act in the name of 
God, for situational ethics 
rationalizes anything in the name 
of God these days.

Indeed, the world is in the grip
of known psychopaths who through
terror and deceit prevent the media
from exposing them and laws from
stopping them.  In the event they
are ever gripped by doubt or 
conscience, psychiatrists are 
armed and ready to fortify their
already bloated ego's and teach 
to ignore what is right, for a 
price.  Indeed, much of psycho-
therapy today is based on teaching 
people to ignore what they know 
to be right and wrong.  Of course 
there are many who practice 
psychology and psychiatry in a 
way that is beneficial to people 
who have been unjustly injured 
as well.

Indeed, right and wrong have
been confused with legal and
illegal so that horrible crimes
may be committed with impunity,
and righteous acts can be condemned
as crimes.

Sounds outrageous?  Beyond 
hope?  So it seemed to the
elves as well, when the council 
of mortals and immortals met
in Imladris.

I quote from the Lord of the Rings 
regarding Imladris:

"Seek for the sword that was broken
In Imladris it dwells
There will be counsels taken
Stronger than morgul spells
There shall be shown a token
That doom is near at hand
For Isildur's Bane shall waken
The halflings forth shall stand."

Welcome to Imladris in the fourth 
age, a virtual city you are invited 
to vist, at the start of this 
new Millenium.  The time 
approaches for the Council to 
meet and the nine to be appointed.

I hope through writing and the 
Internet to create an assemblage 
of knowlege that will expose 
the subterfuge that is robbing 
us all.  If you wish to support 
my efforts, you may do so with 
letters, email, money and prayer.

And remember, all that is gold 
does not glitter.

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