In my writing to reveal what goes on behind the 
scenes I find many who cannot deal with what I 
say and simply go into denial, attacking me 
rather than my idea's. I find those who engage in 
perpetrating injustice for their own gain will 
also attack me, not my idea's.  Yet these two 
groups are not the two that concern me most.  The 
greatest danger comes from those who  find a 
scapegoat to punish, rather than the perpetrators 
of injustice.

The topic here is racism.  Beginning as I do with 
a discussion on 'scape-goating' may seem a little 
distant, but I bring the subject up as the greatest 
racist issue.

Most racism is simply born of a very human fear 
of the unknown.  A baby who has never seen 
anyone with a beard is likely to feel confronted 
by a monster the first time a bearded man looks 
upon the child.  Young children are very 
conformist.  They know themselves and taunt 
anything that differs from the range of 
experience they have lived.  

As we grow, and our experience broadens, we 
learn, as does the baby looking upon the  
bearded man, that variations in the human 
culture are natural, and all is relative.   

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable 
in and of itself.  For the human, avoiding 
change is often associated with comfort.  Yet 
when this avoidance of change results in the 
failure to see others beyond the superficial 
aspects of appearance, this signifies and end 
to growth and the beginning of the process 
of dying.  

Those who embrace the process of dying will not 
like themselves for it.  To make themselves feel 
better, a common psychological defense 
mechanism is to put someone else down.  The 
inherent power of this is that when you put 
someone else down, the presumption one makes 
is that they are therefore better.  The 
implication is that the criticism comes from 
one without the purported deficiency upon 
which the criticism is based.  Another corollary 
is that upon commiting this act, another person 
is being made miserable.  That is one intent of 
taunting.  The saying goes misery loves company: 
so it is those who are unhappy with themselves 
feel better making others unhappy so they feel
less alone.

These deficiencies in a person’s psychological 
makeup contribute to racism.  The grouping of 
people with weak identities is as old as time.  
The egotistical nature of man that he is the center 
of the universe lends itself to such weakness.  Yet 
these contributing factors to racism are quite 
visible, and not the primary focus of my 
discussion here.

I wish to caution all of my readers to beware the 
most insidious racist form that is born of the act I 
shall refer to as ‘scape-goating’.

Another curious feature of people is the way that 
when they are injured, they almost naturally seek 
vengeance.  A young child, who has his toy 
grabbed by another child, will often either 
retaliate or will seek assistance to retaliate.

The toy is grabbed.  A rare child won’t care.  
However, the child grabbing the toy finds it 
interesting because the child who played with it 
was interested in it.  Thus, if the child who had 
the toy grabbed moves on to another toy, that 
also will be grabbed.  If the child does not move 
on to another toy, the child will try to recover the 
toy or will seek a parent or older sibling to come 
to their defense.

If the child is stronger, he takes the toy back.  If 
the child has a parent or sibling to complain to, 
the intervention will resolve one situation (usually 
causing another).  If however the child suffers this 
indignity in silence, the likelihood is that the 
child will mimic this behavior and at some time bully 
a weaker child.

The concept I am trying to impart is that when a 
person is unable to resolve an injustice, evidence 
leads us to the dismal conclusion that the victim 
becomes a perpetrator of the same injustice.  

So it is that when someone suffers an injustice, if 
there is no resolution, and the victim is unable to 
close the issue with the perpetrator, the victim is 
then likely to find a scape-goat.

In this day and age when most native cultures 
have had their values and norms violated by 
progressive changes; and even those engaged in 
progressive change find themselves learning a 
value system which is invalidated even within the 
span of their own life.  The rate of change in 
society is extremely accelerated in the 1990’s, 
and every individual and every group is a victim 
of the unfair expectations inherent in the flux of 
rapid social change.

So many victims, and no perpetrators we can 
hold responsible.  Sure, we can find someone to 
be our ‘scape-goat’, but is that person any less of 
a victim.  I submit to you that their trials 
and their self imposed requirements resulting
from conditioning are simply different from

So we have the tendency of people to blame 
others unnecessarily.  I am not talking about 
personal situations.  There are plenty of real 
times when someone will rip you off or harm you, 
and you will have someone to really blame: that 
person.  Of course, the issue becomes then, 
will you be able to close the issue with that 
person, or will it remain open.  If the issue 
remains open, the popular tendency will be to 
blame (and repeat the injury you received) on 
someone else.

Do you need an example?  A mugger grabs your 
purse or wallet and leaves you with a lump on 
your head.  They get away with it.  You hate 

Some person is offered a joint.  He smokes it in a 
house and gets busted.  There are other drugs in 
the house and he is charged with sales and goes 
to prison.  He gets tattooed, learns prison lingo, 
and is finally released.  He comes up to you 
looking for a job, and you see the mugger who 
robbed you, not the person who was a victim of a 
society with conflicting values and expectations 
and laws.  You tell him to get lost.  What happens 
next I leave up to you.  You may have helped to
pushing that person into being what you blamed 
him for unfairly.

Groups already have a tendency to scape-goat 
other groups.  Accelerated rate of social change 
has elevated the problematic aspects of this 
condition.  Society is full of victims of change 
and each of these victims seeks closure in some 
way.  When a group gets together and forms a 
consensus, however wrong, that closure may be 
achieved by blaming some other group. This 
creates a new pool of victims and the problem is 
exacerbated.  The tendency of groups finding 
strength by defining an ‘outside enemy’ is 
historically verified many times over.  Yet 
anytime innocent individuals are victimized, the 
problems of society become worse.

To the Romans, there were citizens, non-citizens, 
and barbarians.  To the Nazi’s there were Jews.  
To Pete Wilson and Dan Lungren there are the 
Mexicans.  It is all the same.  It is racism 
in its most insidious form, perpetrating 
more injury and more racism without closing the 
issues that caused the problems in the first place.

I have faced these demons within me, and know 
how careful I must be not to blame others for 
crimes someone else has committed against me.  

When I speak of the International Banking 
Conspiracy ongoing for 400 years (which I write
about on other web pages) I wish to caution all 
my readers that this has nothing to do with 
Jewish people  The Jewish religion is a belief 
system of many people.  The International Banking 
Conspiracy may have some people of this religion 
who are part of the Conspiracy.  Let us never 
fail to distinguish the difference, lest we blame 
people for things they have not done perpetrating 
thus vicious cycle of injury and crime.

The use of the identifier “International Banking 
Conspiracy” should not be a reflection on 
bankers per se either.  True, any banker who 
hears these words will probably fear such talk as 
threatening and dispute it.  Even that is only an 
ego defense mechanism, and has nothing to do with 
the facts.

More on the International Banking Conspiracy

I deplore injustice and racism.  I expect any 
person who seeks to further the knowledge I 
present or make further studies along these lines, 
will exercise the greatest caution to 
communicate the dangers posed by this expression 
of fact.  The responsibility here is to remember 
at all times to lay any crime at the feet of its 
perpetrator, and not on those who may 
appear similar, act similar, speak similar, or
simply be made to feel on the defensive.

I remember that I have type B positive blood.  I 
may find people who look like me, whose blood is 
so different it would harm me.  At the same time, I 
may find someone who speaks in a different 
tongue and has different weight, different skin 
color, different eye color and different culture.  
Yet this persons blood may be so similar to mine 
that only this person could give me blood.

Remember this, if ever the superficial issue of 
race confronts you.  Any of us may be faced with 
racially joined gangs at any time.  This still does 
not justify racism.  We may be forced to remain 
near people who look like us to find a defense 
against other gangs.  This does not constitute 
racism. We may find that by using our minds we 
can get along with many different people and 
work together to resolve the issues we all face: 
and this is how we may end racism.

In conclusion, I repeat the quote from Jesus 
that 'howsoever one treats the least of my
brethren, so one treats me'.  This is not about
sticking up for someone else.  As we become a
global entity (like it or not) the standards 
established for one may be applied to all.  
Supporting what is right is in your own self
interest.  As Benjamin Franklin said, "if we
don't hang together, we will all hang 

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