The Golden Age of Television is here now! Written in 1998 and periodically updated.

Television has improved for years.  Music had
a Rennaisance in the late 1960's.  Television
will be remembered for a continuation of that
Rennaisance in the late 1990's.

Television is more than good acting and special
effects.  Television is more than good 
scripting and good directing.  Television
is more than just entertainment and babysitting.  
Television is the tool of propaganda and
education.  As such television is a very
important factor in how our global village
will evolve:  whether human rights and just
governments will be a reality, or a lip

Television has become the mold for the worlds
future, like it or not.  The world is at a
turning point like never before, and what is
done in television now is surely going to 
influence and affect generations to come.  
We are in the eye of the vortex of one of those
wierd times when the people like Dana Scully's
sister and all her optimisim and harmonic 
convergence and idealism converge and become
one with the die-hard, dealing in facts, life 
and death serious people like agent Muldur.

All TV should attempt, while entertaining to
create a  better society, and establish clear 
distinctions between right and wrong. I also
believe that in a time when we are so close 
to being informed and principled, that TV 
should try to expose the deceptions and 
underhanded techniques used to control the
masses towards ends which are not so lofty.

This page is a dedication to those shows I
consider of legendary importance: shows that 
will be discussed by historians studying our 
time for the positive influence on society.
These are the shows listed in a no special order, 
although each has special characteristics of
extreme importance; the introduction of certain
aspects into the television arena that I believe
will possibly save the planet and humanity from

Current series/  
     Legendary television/ 
          Super-excellent shows:

These shows have four great qualities.
1)  They educate the public about how things really work;  
    making it less probable that societies will be duped
    by agent provacateurs implementing hidden agenda's.
2)  They do not confuse right and wrong as do many show
    which simply regurgitate fickle and temporary cultural
    propaganda in meaningless sound bytes.
3)  They are excellent entertainment both for action and
    for their ability to make people think.
4)  They provide good role models for tolerance and 
    understanding necessary in our global village.

New Additions...
a)  7 Days:  While Voyager is still up there, during the year 2000 I 
have had a limited ability to watch TV and this has been the only 
show I must go out of my way to see if I can.

b)  Seinfeld:  I didn't give him credit while he was on the air although 
he did a lot to raise consciousness of everyone using humor.

1.  X-Files
2.  Deep Space Nine:  Ever see the episode dealing with homelessness?
3.  Highlander
4.  Xena:  She's been there...done that!
5.  Hercules:  Using humor to educate and not numb. 
6.  Voyager
7.  VR5:  Too bad the show is off the air now!
8.  Sliders:  Innocent and concerned these storytellers reflect on society.

Current series/
     Entertaining television:  

These shows are very entertaining, however, 
do not consistently assist in positive social 
transformation to the degree the others do.
These shows have their great moments, have 
good acting and are typically very well done!

9.  Le Femme Nikita
10. Silk Stalkings
11. Sentinel
12. JAG
13. Seven Days
14. Lois and Clark

Past series:  Legendary television:  These 
shows are classics from recent history.  
I do not include many which I hope to 
later.  These include such shows as

Robin Hood, 
William Tell, 
The Time Tunnel,
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 
The Lone Ranger, 
The Twilight Zone 

A little credit to radio:

 "The Shadow" 

is among the original radio greats.  Perhaps 
I shall elaborate more as I have time to 
develop these web pages.

15.  Kung Fu
16.  Kung Fu, the Legend Continues
17.  Star Trek
18.  Star Trek, the Next Generation
19.  The Phoenix
20.  Seaquest
21.  Walker, Texas Ranger
22.  Hawaii Five-O
23.  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
(Dr. Quinn can oscillate between intelligent and 
brainwashed fascist so be aware)
24.  Bonanza
(This incredible series began with a scene on the 
Ponderosa where strangers came on the land.  The 
script writers had the Cartwrights pull their guns 
and tell the strangers they were trespassing.  
Lorene Greene led a strike by the actors opposing 
this urban paranoid scenario and suggested they 
offer the strangers a glass of milk and invite them 
in instead.  The producers and writers would not 
hear it, but the ethical and aware actions of the 
actors led to a new era of Westerns.)
25.  Flipper
(Kind of nice we have a dolphin on film since they 
are the most intelligent inhabitants of this planet 
and our society is wiping them out)
26.  Renegade
(Tells the ignorant and naive how the world really is).
27.  A-Team
(Tells how we would like the world to be)


Of course, there are some horrible things on 
TV.  The recent movie Merlin fits that category.  
In addition, there are horrible channels
that pretend to be educational and good TV when 
in fact they represent the Shadow Government, 
where investigative reports are always cover-ups 
for criminal conspiracies of the most heinous 
kind.  MSNBC and A&E have both done their share 
to deceive and destroy that which is just.

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